//1st Half of December New Moon in Sagittarius

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Hope, optimism and idealism. Fateful love relationships may begin at this time. But this is as a direct result of the hard work of Venus retrograde, rooting out that which had to go and valuing trust. The New Moon in Sagittarius ushers in a time when life has meaning and you cautiously think life is good.

On 2nd December Venus goes back into Scorpio, around 9:00am in the morning, you’ll wake up (PST) more confident and assured she’s got it right this time when it comes to who she can trust, who truly has her back. Still waters will run deep during this time. Nothing light and fluffy in any relationship. With the Sun square Mars, there could be a few trying times left where you want to forcefully state your case. The Ego will be trying to rear its head! You may just be more irritable this day- if you are presenting anything please take the time to prepare potential questions others may have that will be listening to your ideas. This is a great energy to get to work and physically apply yourself to projects.

Sun Square Neptune on 5th December things get confusing and foggy. Your energy may be low and you may even feel deflated- this too will pass. Do not make important decisions today; wait one day at least.

On 6th December a New Moon 15 Sagittarius occurs @ 11:20pm PST and Mercury Stations Direct at 1:22pm. A new start for Sagittarians especially those with their Ascendant or Sun between 12- and 18-degrees Sagittarius. The next day, 7th December, Mars conjunct Neptune You could take some wrong action based on a confusing set of facts. Take your time going over anything that is unclear and leaves questions in your mind. As Mars rules the physical body pay attention to any illness and get your rest as your immune system could be a little weaker at this time.

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