August 2020 Astrological Forecast

Setting up the chessboard! Strategy & planning your next steps. August 2020 Astrology

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August 2020 sees a Full Moon in Aquarius & New Moon in Leo both in fixed signs & Venus in Cancer most of the month, Mars continues its slow but direct motion in Aries

We start the 2nd August with the Leo Sun at 10 degrees squaring Uranus- whew- the King or Queen may not be happy and makes a surprise move on the chessboard! Jupiter will nicely sextile Neptune feeding us opportunities to realize our dream and Mercury now direct in Cancer opposes Pluto retrograde- an important message is received or sent- listen to it.  The Full Moon is at 11 degrees Aquarius 46. We had a Full Moon eclipse at 11 degrees Leo on 31 Jan 2018- this may reflect a 2nd decision point or illumination reminder to let go- with more of an awakening & shaking up vibe. The Sun & Moon squares Uranus, Mercury opposes Saturn (and Pluto), it quincunxes the South Nodes of the Moon, Mars squares Jupiter, Jupiter sextiles Neptune- tie all this together suggests some surprising event probably a message or communication asks you to let go of some belief around your dreams- an adjustment is needed but the dream still shimmers in the background. On the  6th August Venus in Gemini conjuncts the North Nodes in Gemini (and opposes the South Nodes of the Moon in Sagittarius) beneficial energy to move us onto our destiny path- maybe in the form of nice, kind words, money, a very favorable review, a new love that will become important for our future- you may have communicated with the person initially online or Zoom. Mercury enters Leo and amps up the drama! Let us have fun please. The 14th to 16th August we have Mars in Aries square Pluto retrograde (this will happen again with Mars retrograde in Oct 2020)- aggressive action. I want to do what I want to do! In Oct you may have to retract this action in some way… The Sun will trine Aries on 15th Aug just prior to the New Moon, suggesting an easy time to take some action in a new direction especially expressing who we are, maybe starting a new business, or something new regarding children. Mars will square Pluto so you may have to cut through some red tape- ugh. On the 18th Aug we have our Leo New Moon at 26 Leo 35 at 7:42 PM PDT. Leo as a sign represents our pride and self-esteem, having fun, drama and negatively, arrogance. We may have the Kings and Queens in our lives making some statement about a ‘new start’. The Sun & Moon conjunct Mercury all in Leo – we hear many speaking authentically on the stage of life. Sun & Moon trine Mars, sextiles the North Nodes of the Moon, Mercury sextiles North Nodes of the Moon exact, Venus sextiles Uranus- all positive green lights- some unexpected positive things happen now. But, Mars squares Saturn (and Pluto), Saturn quincunx North Nodes of the Moon- negotiations and adjustments to achieve the new you. The 24th Aug has Mars square Saturn- those in authority challenge our actions with regards to the ‘actions’ we want to take to move forward- with the star Regulus conjunct the Sun at 1 degree of Virgo, fortune may shine on you. Don’t be afraid to let go of old ways of looking at things and reach forward to a better way- especially with regards to how you communicate & think about others, perhaps new ideas about commerce? On the 26th Aug Venus opposes Jupiter then on the 30th Pluto-this will be triggered again in the last week of Dec 2020. Challenging the status quo about your safety, security and where you feel (or don’t feel) nurtured- very powerful. In the sky mid-August watch for the Perseids meteor shower, mid-month will be best. Enjoy!

Sept 2020 has Venus opposing Saturn and Mars now retrograde at 28 Aries, favorably Jupiter goes direct- more ammunition for pushing our dreams forward- the Mars retro may throw up some challenges though asking us to ‘rethink’ or ‘r