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Full Moon Aries and New Moon Scorpio

Pluto going stationary direct early in October 2019 sets the stage for us taking back our power, power plays, powerful feelings, powerful people, and powerful events.

The Full Moon in Aries has the Sun and Moon square Pluto- not the day to temp fate when it comes to the law or powerful people that can possibly make your life difficult. For some it may be that their wrong doings are uncovered, and consequences ensue. Others will be fighting for their rights. Collectively there may be a powerful signal from the stock market around or on this day- especially with Venus in Scorpio opposing Uranus, planet of surprises. The New Moon in Scorpio at 4 degrees Scorpio 25 minutes occurs on the 27th of October just before the start of the Mercury retrograde. Mercury conjunct Venus and Pallas Athena- fighting a fair fight for justice for all. More news about our global economy.  All Scorpio’s especially rising may have significant power and powerful issues come up at the New Moon that take on a whole different hue at the Scorpio retrograde. Scorpio can wear many masks…expect some of those to come off during the retrograde!! Truth is a big outcome for this Mercury retrograde and also, still waters run deep. Don’t forget to breathe and maybe take 10 breaths before blurting truths out- try to be diplomatic. But, do not back down from truth telling- this is a very powerful time for that- true deep changes can occur that are positive.

Link to Mercury retrograde in Scorpio video: