First half of December 2019 and Full Moon in Gemini

Jupiter is at it’s final degree, 29 degrees of Sagittarius on 2nd Dec leaving gifts and good luck! Sagittarius be on the lookout! Jupiter ingresses to Capricorn on 3rd Dec where it will stay for one year along with Pluto and Saturn. Mars trine north nodes of the Moon says: Action time for initiating our destiny path is at hand. Pay attention to who comes in and leaves our life. The Full Moon in Gemini on 11th Dec 2019 is at 19 Gemini 51 minutes on 9:12 p.m. PST. We will have a Venus retrograde in May 2020 close to this degree point, Venus also occulted the Sun back in June 2012 in Gemini too- they’re all connected. Cast your mind back. The Sun is in Sagittarius pouring optimism and generosity into all we do. Venus sits in between Saturn and Pluto forming a tight conjunction. A time of transforming structures around our love life, money and value system. Mars trine a now direct Neptune shouts out: dreams can come true, just believe. Great time to enjoy the arts, music and to dream. Mercury is in Sagittarius from the 10th Dec till end of the month increasing our desire for seeking out the truth. It then joins Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn at the end of the month. Jupiter now in Capricorn increases our awareness around tradition, status, the law, all our structures. Jupiter trines Uranus positively encourage us to respect human rights and humanitarianism. Jupiter squares Chiron has us seeking a higher meaning- a teacher may appear at this time.