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The first half of September has us wanting to ‘express’ ourselves! The Sun is very prominent from 2nd September through the Full Moon in Pisces on 13/14 September @ 9:34 pm PDT. September starts off with us thinking differently, maybe even getting downloads from the Universe- our thoughts change- Mercury trine Uranus. We have the Sun conjunct Mercury in Virgo on 3rd September that asks: How can I use this new way of thinking? Venus opposition Neptune and Sun opposite Neptune on 4th and 10th September asks for some discrimination and caution for some, you could be confused, tired and be under the weather during these days. However, you could have great compassion or great love pop up too. The Full Moon in Pisces on 13th September PDT has the Moon conjunct Neptune opposite the Sun and the Moon opposite Mars. Jupiter square Neptune too. This could mark the end of an illusion or delusion we could doubt our dream. What is real, what is not?  The key is to listen to our intuition and have faith and keep moving forward step by step. Take that dream down into something concrete; a piece of art, sculpture, music. With a trine of Mercury and Venus at the 29th degree of Virgo a deal could be sealed, a project come to an end, dollars come in at last. Or we have a practical, useful conversation with the object of our affections.