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Time Stamps:
Total Eclipse Cancer 2 July: 1:14
Mercury retrograde: 8:56
Partial Eclipse Capricorn 16 July 11:45
New Moon Leo 31 July: 23:30
Extended (free) eclipse video & forecast by sign:

There are two important powerful eclipses in July. One, a total eclipse in Cancer, a New Moon on 2nd of July 2019. Venus goes over this eclipse point 12.13.14 of July- when I think things will happen. I really look to the two luminaries; the Sun and the Moon in individual charts as it relates to any eclipse. Secondly, the Ascendant/Descendant axis and stelliums all around the same degree points- 10/11 degrees of Cancer or opposition, Capricorn for the first eclipse. Powerful new beginnings!

Mercury retrograde starts in Leo on 7th of July and ends in Cancer on 2nd of August at 23 degrees Cancer. We will review where we best feel at home being our authentic self and decide having fun is important!

The Partial eclipse at 4 degrees of Capricorn is on 16th of July illuminating endings. Venus is very active at this eclipse and so values, love, relationships and money could reach some culmination for some. At the end of the month Sun square Uranus and Mercury retrograde opposition Pluto suggests strong, powerful words from powerful people (perhaps those in power). Also, the people (the Moon) revolt.

Fixed star Sirius rising and setting with the Sun, hovers around both these eclipses exerting powerful effects for those doing great deeds, a sacred time. Our Summer triangle of stars greets us in the East before sunrise Vega, Altair and Deneb.

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