June 2020 Astrology

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Time Stamps: Full Moon Eclipse in Sagittarius:  2:07, New Moon Eclipse in Cancer-Summer Solstice: 6:11, Ascendants: Cancer: 21:06 , Leo: 23:16 , Virgo: 24:00 , Libra: 24:40 , Scorpio: 25:30 , Sagittarius: 26:50 , Capricorn: 31:17 , Aquarius: 33:10, Pisces: 34:16,  Aries: 36:27 , Taurus: 37:19 , Gemini: 38:40 , Next Month July: 41:16 , In the Sky: 42:19 , Creating positive outcomes using positive visualization and “feeling”: 43:44.

Full Moon Eclipse in Sagittarius kicks off the Eclipse Season where eclipses will fall on the Gemini/Sagittarius axis. On the 5th of June @ 12:13 pm the eclipse happens at 15 degrees Sagittarius 34’ & Mercury sextile Uranus closely squares Chiron- we may hear some surprising news regarding our healing (potentially about the virus). Individually, this may be some surprising news that takes us aback- we receive this news or deliver it. Sagittarius asks us to think big picture, take risks but also gives us inspiration and at its highest provides great wisdom. For Sagittarius this represents a culmination or ending of something in your life.

Mercury goes retrograde in Cancer on 18th June till 12th July starting at 14 degrees Cancer and ending at 5 degrees Cancer. Together with the Venus retrograde this now has us looking at our habits we’ve picked up and seeing how that plays into our relationships (Venus). Past conditioning, our mother, parents, our home (past and present) may all come into focus at this retrograde. Ask: does this person, place, job, thing make me feel nurtured, secure and safe?

On the 20th of June in the Northern Hemisphere on the West Coast we have the final Cancer eclipse at 0 degrees 21 minutes @ 11:42 pm PDT and the Summer Solstice at the same time. This suggests the energy from this eclipse lasts for at least 3 months till the Fall Equinox where a new cycle begins.

Venus in Gemini @ 5 degrees goes direct on 25th June. It forms a wide conjunction with Chiron suggesting some real beneficial news with regards to our healing.

Next month: July 2020 has the final eclipse in Capricorn @ 13 degrees and a New Moon in Cancer (not an eclipse) marking a new true beginning for Cancers. Mercury will go direct.

In the Sky: Venus will go into the underworld end May, early June and then rise as a morning star seen easily in the morning sky around 11/12 June. Please check out Gary Caton’s video where he explains the astronomy, mythology and positive effects of this Venus retrograde period.

Authors with books on positive visualization: Shakti Gawain, Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, Eckert Tolle and many more!!!

Link to Gary Caton video on Venus retro with astronomy, mythology & astrology:


My Venus retro in Gemini video with all Ascendants: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5rWYBjKmLww&t=1843s

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