Jupiter conjunct Pluto and Jupiter conjunct Saturn 2020

Time stamps: Jupiter conjunct Pluto:1:23,  Jupiter conjunct Saturn: 14:21, Capricorn: 17:41, Aquarius: 18:32, Pisces: 19:50, Aries: 20:50,Taurus: 22:05, Gemini: 23:17 Cancer: 24:17, Leo: 25:53, Virgo: 27:27, Libra: 28:48, Scorpio: 30:42, Sagittarius: 32:59

Jupiter will conjunct Pluto three times in 2020. 4th April at 24 Capricorn 53 with the Moon at 3 Virgo, Venus at 1Gemini and Mercury conjunct Neptune 20 degrees and 19 degrees Pisces respectively & Saturn and Chron will be direct 0 degrees Aquarius and 5 degrees Aries with the Sun at 15 Aries.

The second is on 30th June at 24 Capricorn 6 minutes with both Jupiter and Pluto retrograde and a Mercury retrograde at 10 Cancer, conjunct the Sun the next day, 2 eclipses in June 5th June Full Moon Eclipse in Sagittarius and 21st June New Moon at zero degrees of Cancer. North Nodes of the Moon now in Gemini @29 degrees.

The third is on 12th November at 22 Capricorn 51, Saturn is direct at 26 Capricorn 56, last here mid-Feb 2020 when the USA realized the gravity of the Corona virus, Pluto will arrive here March 2021. The Moon and Venus conjunct in Libra, Sun and Mercury in Scorpio with the Sun sextile Jupiter and Pluto, Mars is retrograde at 15 Aries Chiron and Neptune and Uranus retrograde- positive news for money markets but work going on in the background (Mars retro) to put some pioneering methods in place over the next many months through Jan 2021.

Jupiter is where we grow, its where we reach for our higher selves to make meaning of life (it is foreign people, foreign places). It meets up with Pluto three times over 2020. Pluto is our soul, our shadow self and asks us to transform. This is taking Lead and transforming it into Gold- magic potentially.

Many souls are being transformed, some to a higher level, others to another world- mostly we are polishing up our shadow side so we might be at a higher vibrating level for all. This could reflect power struggles, secrets or hidden information or things. We are meant to transform our shadow and soul into something better.

Jupiter conjunct Saturn in Aquarius bring Jupiter’s transformation from it’s conjunct with Pluto to manifest it in something real with new gold standards by which we all live by.