//Love is in the Air February 2019 Forecast

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Time stamps: mid Feb Astro forecast: 17:30  and Astronomy for Feb 2019: 27:01

February 2019 Astrology and Astronomy – Love is in the air!

On Feb 1 2019 we have a very volatile Mars square Pluto and Sun conjunct Mercury aspect. This could portend major takeovers in the collective and our individual lives. Take great care with your actions and words. Pick your battles- use this as your mantra. The New Moon is at 15 degrees 45 minutes of Aquarius at 1:04 pm PST. It is also the Chinese New Year of the Earth Pig! A great new start for all Aquarians! This is so close to Groundhog Day which marks the mid-point of the Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox- watch the ‘movie’ Groundhog Day with Bill Murray- it may help you understand things as February unfolds- we may see our shadow. Déjà vu could manifest with an emphasis on developing and acknowledging our intuition and higher selves with Saturn sextile Neptune exactly. Uranus shakes things up with the nodes connection. Mercury going into Pisces on Feb 10 is a heads up for the Mercury retrograde in March where we will learn to accept our intuition and develop our higher selves. Valentines day sees a love sextile, opportunities for a higher love and compassion. Mars entering Taurus territory (where Uranus will sit for 7 years, March onwards!) intuitive flashes of insight will start popping up. Feb 12 Mars will conjunct Uranus- slow down and know that this is high octane energy. The Full, Super Moon is at 0 degrees 42 minutes of Virgo @ 7:54am PST- an ending and a new start for all Virgos! Powerful time with Pluto conjunct the south nodes of the moon asking us all to ‘finally’ let go…of the past. Venus conjunct Saturn suggests putting our money to work, maybe a shortage of money. Venus conjunct Pluto, close to the south nodes of ‘letting go’- old love/money/values go…new love/money/values come in.

In the night sky on Feb 1 we have the waning crescent Moon close by to Saturn, Venus is highlighted with Saturn then Pluto on Feb 18 and 23 respectively and Feb 27 in the early morning sky you can see the Moon and Jupiter together. Enjoy!

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