July 2020 Astrology and Ascendant Horoscopes-All signs

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 Time Stamps for the Capricorn Eclipse:

Full Moon Eclipse in Capricorn: 6:04, Capricorn: 30:17, Aquarius: 32:57, Pisces: 34:41, Aries: 35:37, Taurus: 36:41,  Gemini: 38:00,  Cancer: 39:25, Leo: 41:44,  Virgo: 48:35, Libra: 45:08, Scorpio: 47:01, Sagittarius: 48:26, China 1: 1:09, China 2: 9:51, New Moon in Cancer: 17:41, I want to do something but I don’t know how: 27:17,  Ahead for August: 50:15 .

July starts off with a Mercury retrograde in Cancer forming a square with Chiron in Aries then this is repeated on 22 July but Mercury is direct suggesting a communication about healing is finally recognized on 22nd July even though it was presented early in July. Opposition meets with agreement. On the 4th of July on the 9:43 PM PDT we have our final lunar Capricorn eclipse at 13 Capricorn 37’ putting the Sun at 13 Cancer 37. The Fixed star Sirius conjuncts this Sun & opposes the Moon. Sirius is associated with great heat but favorably placed granting great honor, fame, and riches- but, also dog bites! It is the brightest star in the sky! Jupiter/Pluto continues their conjunction Bringing up our shadow sides to be dealt with. For some great wealth is possible with this configuration. Jupiter retrograde sextiles a Neptune retrograde. Saturn quincunx the North Nodes of the Moon in Gemini. Great inspiration but some adjustment needed as we do a humankind course correction.

Of note with China’s chart– The Total Eclipse @ 23 Sagittarius forms and inconjunct with China’s Jupiter in the 12th house 14 Dec 2020. Remember that Jupiter rules this eclipse in Sagittarius giving Jupiter more importance. Saturn will conjunct first its natal Jupiter in Dec 2020 followed by a conjunction with the Aquarian Ascendant followed by the Moon, representing the people of China, mid Jan 2021. The new Moon on 13 Jan 2021 at 21 Capricorn 23 will conjunct China’s natal Jupiter in the 12th house, transiting Pluto will be at 23 degrees Capricorn, close by. The ruler of China’s Aquarius Ascendant is Uranus (& Saturn- which conjuncts the Ascendant early Jan 2021- Uranus goes direct mid-Jan 2021- I suggest that this may be a time of direct ‘action’ by China, possibly unexpected & sudden. It is a trigger. At the end of Jan 2021 Mars will conjunct Uranus in Taurus then Mars will be opposite China’s Midheaven in Scorpio but first it will conjunct China’s Venus in Scorpio mid-Feb 2021- a surprising incident at end Jan 2021 will be made public mid-Feb 2021. When Jupiter was in Capricorn last 25 Jan 2008: China had the worst snowstorm since 1954 causing huge economic problems & hunger & May 2008 when Jupiter was at 22 degrees Capricorn conjuncting the natal China’s Jupiter in the 12th house a huge 7.9 earthquake happened, on 29 March 2008 there was violent unrest in Tibet followed by Jan 2009 when Jupiter entered Aquarius there was ethnic violence between the Muslims & Han Chinese.

Mercury goes direct at 5 degrees of Cancer on 12July- a weekend where communication breakthroughs may be possible. Venus is inconjunct Uranus- surprising, unexpected adjustments may need to be made in our loves lives and with our money. Mars will conjunct Chiron on the 14th July initiating a way forward for our healing in a new, pioneering way. The Sun opposes Pluto on 15th July. Early on the 20th July the Moon opposes Pluto, just before the New Moon in Cancer. The New Moon in Cancer is at 28 Cancer 27 on 20th July at 10:33 a.m. PDT. The Sun & Moon will oppose Saturn exactly. The Sun and Moon will quincunx the South Nodes of the Moon encouraging us to let go of old beliefs that do not nurture us- an adjustment may need to be made & it could involve a foreign nation or nationals. Mars sextile Uranus and squares Chiron (exact). Jupiter sextiles Neptune exact till 1st August. Saturn quincunx the North Nodes of the Moon exactly too. LEO season stars on 22nd July- let us have some fun! On 26 & 27th July Mars enters its shadow period- @ 15 Aries & will officially go retrograde at 28 Aries in September.  Mercury direct in Cancer squares Mars and Venus squares Neptune on 27/28 July.

In the sky: On the 4th of July you can see Jupiter and Saturn (as it opposes the Sun)- they will shine brightly. In the morning watch Mercury ruse up in the sky before the Sun during July.28-29th July we have the Delta Aquarid Meteor shower, but the 2nd quarter moon may hinder seeing them.

Tip: Use July to get in touch with nature. During these turbulent (but potentially positive) times we ask: What can I do? One of the easiest things is to feel the earth or sand and water under you- so easy. Go for a walk by yourself or your dogs- this type of activity sets up a direct connection with the Universe and higher self – clearer thinking can ensure. You can also practice Gratitude: list 1-3 things you are grateful for & give thanks.

Next Month- August: Venus in Gemini & direct conjuncts the North Nodes of the Moon in Gemini @28 degrees, Uranus goes retrograde mid-August. There is a Full Moon in Aquarius & New Moon in Leo (these sextiles the North Nodes of the Moon in Gemini). The famous Perseids Meteor shower will be best seen mid-August

My Venus retro in Gemini video with all Ascendants: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5rWYBjKmLww&t=1843s

My Jupiter Pluto & Jupiter Saturn video with all Ascendants: