Mars in Aries Retrograde 2020 – A combination of moving forward with zeal and planning/discussing a new future.

Time stamps: General Aries/Mars: 1:22,  Aries: 36:14,  Taurus: 38:25, Gemini: 39:52, Cancer: 41:24, Leo: 42:57, Virgo: 44:27, Libra: 46:32, Scorpio: 47:50, Sagittarius: 49:19, Capricorn: 51:15, Aquarius: 52:24, Pisces: 53:46,  Asia: 27:42,  Sept: 7:31,  Oct: 11:54,  Nov: 17:05,  Dec: 19:42,  Jan 2021: 25:41.

Mars represents our desire and impulse to move forward and get things done. Mars rules Aries and is therefore at home here. Mars is the ancient ruler of Scorpio. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and represents a new beginning, it says “I am”! It represents the head and body/muscles, inflammation, infections & fevers- courage at its highest expression.

Mars in Aries goes retrograde at 28 Aries 09 on 9 Sept 2020, Mars in Aries goes direct at 15 Aries on 14 Nov 2020 and Mars is completely out of Aries 7th Jan 2021. Dates to note: 29 Sept 2020 when Mars squares Saturn retrograde- squares involving Mars spells frustration and blocks. Bring buckets of patience and diplomacy & tact during this Mars retrograde. Once Mars goes direct there will be more potential to have real progress in wherever we have been investing our energy- both collectively & personally. October has a Mercury retrograde in Scorpio start on 14 Oct and end at 25 Libra on 3 November. This complicates the Mars retrograde from an addition of intense feelings and psychological outpourings including obsessions and possessiveness. October appears to be a highly active month for lots of aggression and frustrations. A New Moon at 23 Libra opposes the Mars retrograde frustrating a potential new start. Mars squares Pluto from 8-11 October speaking to power struggles, maybe military action combined with Mars square Jupiter 18-20 October…and Mercury retro in Scorpio opposing Uranus in Taurus- surprising reprisals and passionate expression. A new moon in Scorpio on 15 November may bring opportunities for powerful alliances with the Jupiter conjunct Pluto is sextiled by the new moon. December 2020 may herald some real breakthroughs for proposing real resolutions for us to move towards a peaceful inclusive destiny. 9 Dec Mars sextile North Nodes of the Moon in Gemini and days around 11 Dec has Mars trine a hopeful Sagittarius Sun. On the 14 Dec we have a significant Total Eclipse New Moon at 23 Sagittarius that has the Moon/Sun/Mercury/south nodes of the Moon all together hovering close by the galactic center- a very hopeful & inspiration eclipse that can last 3 to 6 months. Mars will square Pluto again so not everyone will agree, and this is aggression.  With Mars direct nothing will be in the way. In Jan 2021 with Mars direct we have several personal planets all reaching the anorectic 29 degree of their respective sign poised to go forward into new energy. This includes: Mars followed by Mercury, & Venus. A New Moon at 23 Capricorn on 13 Jan 2021 conjuncts the degree point of the Mars square Pluto from Oct & Dec 2020- a last hurrah for conflict with the old guard.