May 2020 Astrology

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May 2020 starts off with Mercury conjunct Uranus in Taurus- angry words or thoughts could slowly percolate up! Take care

The North Nodes of the Moon of our collective destiny now starts at 29 degrees Gemini on 6th May 2020 for the next 1.5 years- emphasizing more cerebral things, exchanging information and data and forming connections. I will do an extended video shortly covering all the Ascendants so you can see what area of your life will be affected. Look to approximately 19 years ago for the ‘theme’.

Full Moon in Scorpio on 7th May @ 9:46 a.m. PDT puts the Moon at 17 Scorpio 20 and the Sun, in the opposite sign, Taurus conjunct Mercury- emphasizing stability in the facts and our thoughts. But…with a Full Moon in “Still waters run deep” Scorpio we will have conflicting, deep feelings too. This could generate some drama, heightened intuition, money- especially shared money. At it’s worse, obsessive/compulsive feelings. Fear & anxiety will be our default…put some positive actions in place prior that you can go to alleviate this. Venus goes retrograde at 21 Gemini 50 on 8th May till 25th June at 5 Gemini- look to these degrees in your chart to see what house & area of your life that may be affected. I’ve done an extended Venus retrograde in Gemini video; please access here:

Saturn stations retrograde on the 11th and Jupiter stations retrograde on 14th June – this has us going back to the drawing board for our future.

A New Moon at 2 Gemini 05 on 22nd May is at 10:38 a.m. PDT.  Happy New Year for all Gemini’s. The Sun and Moon in Gemini trine Saturn in Aquarius- this marks a time of stable new, favorable wise information. Saturn also conjuncts Pallas Athena (wise, strategic warrior) suggesting a new strategy is discussed & rolled out & that we should build (Saturn) connections (Aquarius) like bridges with others not walls (also Saturn). Mars sextiles Uranus spells out enthusiasm and excitement. Jupiter continues to conjunct Pluto and can bring out self-righteousness- but growth and transformation of our shadow sides is being called out. I did an extended video on this transit that occurs 3X in 2020 here:

Birthdays affected by this New Moon in Gemini are 22-24th May and Ascendants 1-3 degrees Gemini.

Looking ahead at June 2020 we have Mercury going retrograde in Cancer and the same time as Venus is retrograde in Gemini, our first eclipse @ 0 degrees of Cancer on the Summer solstice in the Northern Hemisphere and Venus goes direct at the end of June!!- a action packed month.

Please take care, better days are ahead. Leave comments and questions.