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Time stamps: Scorpio: 9:56  Sagittarius: 10:48  Capricorn: 11:15  Aquarius: 11:49  Pisces: 12:30  Aries: 13:30 Taurus : 14:41  Gemini: 15:26  Cancer: 16:27  Leo: 17:23  Virgo: 18:25  Libra: 19:09

Mercury retrograde in Scorpio occurs on 31st of Oct 2019 – Halloween in the USA @ 27 degrees Scorpio. The Shadow period is from the 12th of October to the 8th of December 2019 and embraces both a New Moon in Scorpio and Full Moon in Taurus. Scorpio energies are deep, mysterious – we want to get to the bottom of something- sex, death, secrets or money can all come up for review. Scientific, psychological items may also be emphasized with the idea of ‘solving a mystery’. Pallas Athena conjuncts Mercury and Venus along with the Moon and Jupiter and Ceres all in Sagittarius suggesting that there may be a very hopeful, optimistic but…truthful outcome where our earth and sexual violence are brought up once again for review but with a positive outcome. Venus went retrograde in Scorpio last year on the 5th of Oct to the 15th of November 2018- in the news we had Judge Kavanagh’s confirmation come up for question regarding past alleged sexual misconduct, two Nobel Peace prize winners fighting against sexual violence and Prince Harry and Duchess Megan announcing a pregnancy. We’ll be revisiting all this with the Mercury retrograde in Scorpio- discussing and debating! Both Mars (god of war and courage) along with Pluto (power and transformation). The evening sky has Venus sitting in the Southwest from 8 pm onwards.