//Neptune Trine the North Nodes of the Moon

Neptune in Pisces Trine North Nodes of the Moon in Cancer @ 18 degrees

For the New Moon in Taurus Full Moon in Scorpio May 2019 video https://youtu.be/sqMuLvTqNsk

The Neptune trine North Nodes of the Moon transit has a direct effect on the upcoming first eclipse in Cancer, Total Eclipse, New Moon @ 10 degrees Cancer because Neptune continues its Retrograde on 2nd July 2019 at 18 degrees Pisces (the actual retrograde starts 21 June 2019). The 2nd half of May marks a time where Neptune trines North Nodes of the Moon exactly. It is when we can start preparing by spiritualizing and letting go of ego in the specific house Neptune is residing right now…it will lead us to our path of destiny as it relates to our: home, our tribe, where you ‘feel’ at home, where you feel yourself and where you feel safe and secure. I go into each of the Astrological signs (please use your Ascendant sign). Start this activity now and you will be set up when the training wheels of Neptune are released @ the Cancer Total Solar Eclipse on 2nd July 2019. I wish you only the best. Check me out on my services tab for your own, personalized chart reading: https://elpisastrology.com/services/follow me on Instagram @elpisastrology

Time Stamps: Aries: 7:05, Taurus: 9:32, Gemini: 11:44, Cancer: 13:06, Leo: 16:14, Virgo: 18:30, Libra: 21:00, Scorpio: 22:21, Sagittarius: 23:27, Capricorn: 24:20, Aquarius: 26:10, Pisces: 28:27

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