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The 2nd half of September 2019 leads with Saturn stationing to go direct at 13 degrees Capricorn on 18 September @ 1:46a.m. PDT. Saturn conjuncts and is separating from the karmic South Nodes of the Moon (and opposes the North Nodes of destiny). Finally, you can move forward, restrictions and obligations start to go- especially when you realize they weren’t yours to begin with! Pluto went retrograde in 2014 at the 13 degree of Capricorn point starting a transformational process in one of your Astro Houses (area of your life). Look at your chart to see where 13 degrees falls – it is here where finally after all those lessons and restrictions become so much lighter. A Full Moon Eclipse also happens at 13 degrees of Capricorn on 5 July 2020 marking a time of culmination in the specific area (house) in your chart. The Autumn Equinox occurs on 23 September giving us equal day and night. Keeping the peace, balance, fairness and beauty are on the agenda. Mercury travels with Venus for the rest of Sept and first week of October, in Libra spreading diplomacy, harmonious thoughts and speech; maybe some love talk! The New Moon is in Libra at 5 degrees at 11:27 am PDT and quincunx Uranus asking us to make some unexpected adjustment. Lovely harmonious aspects surround this New Moon providing support and inspiration. Cast aside the doubts and second guessing yourself- believe, especially believe in You! Maybe some lovely Autumnal get togethers with friends would be fun. Here are some of the calming sound videos I mentioned:

This one at 417 Hz is very healing and calming

Sound bath that includes crystal singing bowls for 3H