November 2019 Up to Full Moon in Taurus 12 Nov 2019

November opens with Mercury retrograde in Scorpio conjunct Venus is it getting hot in here? Some intense conversations around love- may they all be pleasant! November 11th has Mercury retrograde in Scorpio conjuncts the Sun in Scorpio, these are deep transformative conversations where you work to get your view across. It can also mean some heated conversations, but it may also have things uncovered and brought to light. The Full Moon on 12th Nov 2019 is at 5:35 a.m. PST at 19 Taurus 52 minutes- this puts the Sun in Scorpio. The positive side of this is engage in the senses; a massage, enjoying good food, music and art. The negative is fearing changes leading to potentially over-indulging! Some strong aspects include Taurus Moon trine Pluto, Sun sextile Pluto, Mercury sextile Neptune and Mars sextile Jupiter and an exact Saturn sextile Neptune. Pluto is very much involved in this Full Moon, but it is exerting powerful, positive transformational effects deep inside us. There may be some mixed messages with the Mercury retrograde still in full operation.

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Time stamps: Taurus: 7:46 Gemini: 8:09 Cancer: 8:35 Leo: 9:14 Virgo: 10:01 Libra: 10:23 Scorpio: 11:00 Sagittarius: 11:53 Capricorn: 12:27 Aquarius: 12:50 Pisces: 13:35

Aries: (apologies I unintentionally left you off my video! Sorry)- For Aries Ascendant or rising this is your 2nd house of earned income, beauty and your values. Perhaps you’ll initiate a meditation practice with your own items that are valuable and important to you, some nice incense too? You may have an ending of a source of income and decide to use savings or investments or…apply for a loan and you get an approval perhaps for a house or beautiful piece of art.