November 2019 and New Moon in Sagittarius end of November

Mercury stations direct on 20th November & we see miscommunications slowly start clearing up – but we are not completely out of the Mercury shadow until 8th December. Mars goes into Scorpio the same day asking for “action”- this could even be an action like retribution & revenge. Take care to take the high road. A beautiful aspect of Venus conjunct Jupiter over the weekend of 23/24th November showers us with potential opportunities for love and money- a very optimistic, positive weekend- enjoy! Mars is also opposite Uranus so unexpected action or happenings could bring love &/or money your way. The New Moon is at 4 Sagittarius 2 minutes on 26th November at 7:04 a.m. PST. Influencing this is Neptune going direct the next day 15 Pisces 55 minutes, 27th November @ 4:33a.m. PST. Some strong aspects at this New Moon are: the Moon & Sun quincunx Uranus suggesting that there may be some rain on our positive optimistic parade! Venus square Chiron- relationship healing can happen but it may be a little uncomfortable. Mars is opposite Uranus and trine North Nodes of the Moon of destiny. November ends on 30th November has Mercury now direct in Scorpio sextile Saturn in Capricorn- we now start getting the okay to put down those new structures and move forward with our new life- one step at a time.

Night sky: Venus in the night sky is very low in the south west sky. Venus & Jupiter conjunct on 24th November look to the southwest sky. In the morning sky Mercury appears in latter half of November along with Mars more faintly sitting above Mercury.

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Time stamps:

  • Sagittarius: 9:53
  • Capricorn: 10:29
  • Aquarius: 11:36
  • Pisces: 11:59
  • Aries: 12:47
  • Taurus: 13:17
  • Gemini: 13:42
  • Cancer: 14:17
  • Leo: 14:40
  • Virgo: 15:35
  • Libra: 16:15
  • Scorpio: 16:59