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June 2019

July Extended Video on the Eclipses 2019

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July 2019 Extended video for eclipse explanation & forecast by rising sign Time stamps for all relevant sections of this video Will these eclipses affect me: 7:44 Explanation of Houses and area of your life affected: 9:43 Most affected signs: 11:57 Forecast by Rising Sign: Cancer: 12:31 Leo: 15:29 Virgo: 16:53 Libra: 18:56 [...]

July 2019 Eclipses New Moons in Leo & Cancer and Full Moon in Capricorn

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Welcome to Elpis Astrology! Follow me on FB and Instagram @elpisastrology Time Stamps: Total Eclipse Cancer 2 July: 1:14 Mercury retrograde: 8:56 Partial Eclipse Capricorn 16 July 11:45 New Moon Leo 31 July: 23:30 Extended (free) eclipse video & forecast by sign: https://youtu.be/_ls1eDnptIE There are two important powerful eclipses in July. One, a [...]

June 2018

Full Moon in Capricorn 6 Capricorn 28

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Full Moon in Capricorn  6 Capricorn 28 27 June 2018, 9:53 p.m. Of significance is that Saturn conjuncts this Full Moon in Capricorn putting the Sun in Cancer, opposite Saturn. Pluto is further ahead around 20 degrees Capricorn but don’t think he isn’t pressing some buttons! Namely: transformation. Can we say tension and laying down the law! [...]

May 2018

June 2018 Astrological Forecast

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The first few days of June are dominated by a beautiful protective cocoon called a Grand Trine in 3 water signs, Venus in Cancer, Jupiter retro in Scorpio & Neptune in Pisces. A Yod or Finger of god will also be happening pointing to Saturn in Capricorn culminating in a Full Moon in [...]