//The Big Reveal

The Big Reveal

On 9th April Venus conjuncts Neptune casting a very romantic hue around your relationships. Jupiter stations retrograde on 10th April – watch all the antics around higher education and how the law will come down hard. Mercury square Pluto trine North Nodes of the Moon, sextiles South Nodes of the moon – a very strong aspect asking us how transforming our thinking can get us on the path of our true destiny. Mercury is out of its shadow on 17th April.

The Moon is in Libra for the 2nd time in a row as a Full Moon. It is at a critical degree of 29 degrees Libra. This tells us that all things Libran are coming to a climax and conclusion. Libra rules relationships and friendships, our social graces, the law, the rules that are law and beauty.

Sabian Symbol for 30 degrees of Libra is “3 mounds of knowledge”, refers to direct experience with society, relationships and cultural values (1). What have I learned especially as it relates to relationships and friendships? Pluto stations retrograde on 24th April followed by Saturn stationing retrograde on 30th April. Time to assimilate all the ‘wake up’ and ‘shake up’ calls over the past few months. A day we take the decision to let go of obligations that belong in the past and look to the obligations we ‘do’ want to take onboard. Happy Easter on 21st April!!!!

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