Venus Retrograde in Gemini

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Time Stamps: Gemini: 25:22, Cancer: 27:46 Leo: 29:27, Virgo: 30:40 Libra: 31:59, Scorpio: 38:24, Sagittarius: 35:06, Capricorn: 36:15, Aquarius: 37:54, Pisces: 39:26, Aries: 41:35, Taurus: 43:27

Venus goes retrograde in Gemini 12 May @ 11:46 pm PDT at 21 degrees 50 minutes Gemini and goes direct on 26 June at 5 degrees of Gemini. Are there multiple partners to be considered with the ‘twins’?

Gemini represents the trickster, the twins, twin flames. Socializing, exchanging and gathering information is a function of Gemini- communication generally. So, because it’s Mercury ruling (Mercury rules Gemini- where the Venus retrograde is occurring) the Venus retrograde in Gemini…suggests that communications could go awry (somewhat like a “Mercury” retrograde). There’s also 3 Venus square Neptune occurring during the retrograde and shadow period. Care with those you love. Deception could be high but so could romance! We also have a Mercury retrograde happing during the Venus retrograde. Mercury is retrograde in Cancer this speaks to our habits, our past, our mother, where do we feel nurtured and at home? Venus retrograde in Gemini occurred in May 2004 & May 2012. Both these periods may connect up for you. Venus retrograde conjuncts the Sun on 4th June- can we say illumination?! We also have the North Nodes of the moon moving into Gemini, they’ll be at 29 degrees of Gemini at this time. The Summer Solstice is on 20th June and has the Moon at 25 degrees Gemini, so close to the Venus Retrograde. The last Venus square Neptune occurs when Venus is direct, 27/28 July- the rose-colored glasses fall off. You see what is real in your relationship(s). We have a Mars retrograde in September at 28 degrees of Aries. Movement forward is imminent.