8 July 2017
9:06 PM Pacific time

The main theme for this Full Moon is set by the Moon conjunction with Pluto. So, we have a double dose of intensity with the moon being full bringing things to a conclusion and Pluto demanding transformation. Ha Ha! This could also be a time when secrets and skeletons pop out of the closet at inopportune times; collectively and personally. Mars is still in Cancer and opposes the Moon and Pluto in Capricorn…and conjuncts the Sun (Full Moons put the Moon and Sun in opposite signs)- whew. Can you say it’s hot in here??? There will be a few emotional pickles or is that stew?

This Full Moon sits on a security or safety axis and with the added intensity of Pluto and heat from Mars I think it safe to say issues around feeling secure and safe will be on the top of the list both collectively and personally. In my recent video on the British Royal Family and the upcoming August total eclipse I mentioned this Full Moon. “It is also conjunct Queen Elizabeth II Ascendant within a few degrees and lands in the UK chart in the 4th house of the home and where the Sun resides i.e. the UK itself.” 3

I expect at the very least the people of the UK will be angry, perhaps for good reason. Especially considering the recent horrific fire in flats that were in disrepair, killing many. There are more of these types of buildings and I expect this issue will not go away. It very much reflects the message below in the Sabian Symbol; all people must be protected, not just the privileged. I pray there will not be another event and that safety measures are being taken. This Full Moon, in Queen Elizabeth’s first house, suggests some turmoil in ‘her house’ too. Listening to all concerned and drawing up a fair and just plan may be a suitable message for both issues. Weather wise, it may be a very hot July in the UK! Let’s hope London won’t be ‘burning’.

For those that have a Capricorn Ascendant or Sun around 18 degrees Capricorn you can expect a wonderful opportunity for transformation but, it may be emotional. Letting go may be difficult but know that it is the best for you getting on your path of destiny. Courage and belief that things will turn out for the better is the best attitude to have now. This would be the time to connect with source and our higher power, the universe, god- whatever word you like to use. Yoga and meditation would be useful activities. Don’t get drawn in to those who want to use their power. As I said in my last moon post: “be like water” quoted from Bruce Lee, renowned in Martial Arts. 2 Being in the now, or connecting in with nature is important. Being in nature, walking by the sea, the lake, the stream, the forest. All these types of activities will serve you well to give you some perspective now. If you can’t physically get into nature bring up beautiful pictures that resonate with you and gaze at the beauty!

Remember Pluto is power and it can be used for good or ill. Your choice is to use it for good…to help transform yourself and your world so it is a better one. Something as simple as saying thank you, being truly grateful and…doing the ‘right’ thing even if it is against those in power…it is always your choice.

The North Nodes of the Moon in Leo trine Saturn in Sagittarius and Uranus in Aries; all fire signs.  Fire signs are all about action and Leo, creativity. So, I expect there will be some significant opportunity to start laying down real framework (Saturn) for our collective destiny (North Nodes of the Moon) by those in power (Pluto)…for all, not just the privileged. I would not be surprised if the younger members of the British Royal Family (Leo) step up to the plate and start saying what the right thing to do “is” and provide enlightenment (Uranus) for all. Watch Prince Harry.

Sabian Symbol for 18 degrees Capricorn

“The Union Jack flag flies from a British warship” 1 p. 240. Everyone deserves to be treated fairly and with dignity no matter if they are poor or rich. That is the message of this Sabian Symbol.


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