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Jupiter in Pisces in 2021

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Time Stamps: Jupiter in Pisces: 3:50, Sasha: 10:41, Jupiter in Pisces History: 15:02, Pisces and Virgo birthdays affected in 2021: 17:00,  Pisces: 21:06, Aries: 24:22 , Taurus: 26:57 , Gemini: 29:35 , Cancer: 32:18 , Leo: 34:38 , Virgo: 37:35 , Libra: 41:03 , Scorpio: 44:12 , Sagittarius: 49:18 , Capricorn: 54:04 , Aquarius: 56:14.

Jupiter in Pisces lasts from 13 May @ 4pm PDT until 29 July where it goes back to Aquarius 29 degrees. It returns to the zero-degree Pisces on 30th Dec 2021. It goes from 0 to 2 + minutes (round up to 3 degrees). It is a mutable water sign, so it feels deeply but can also roll with the punches and change its mind if needed & be cooperative. The area of life (house) affected will give you a heads up in 2021 on the types of things, events, people that may come into your life more fully in 2022 when Jupiter is in Pisces for the whole year of 2022. Where abundance, expansion & growth will blossom.

Jupiter represents where we need to grow. Collectively in Pisces it is where we need to evolve our ‘consciousness’. There may be a focus on the metaphysical or life after death and the truth of this. Individuals may seek meaning in life (see my video link below). We will be less materially oriented seeking instead, Peace of Mind. Negatively we could be praying for change only…when “action” would be faster. It gives great compassion, but we need to remember to let others also be responsible for their respective lives too. Care with Guru worship- it will be strong at this time- we need to remember to take personal responsibility for our life and not hand this over to someone else. Jupiter represents small animals and government for all worldwide. Jupiter in Pisces can refer to addictions or codependency tendencies- if so, Jupiter will shine a bright light!

There will be an increase in the arts like music, dance, poetry, sculpting- anything artistic. Our intuition generally will be operating at a high level and sensitivity to others especially as Neptune is also in Pisces (it won’t be conjunct Jupiter until April 2022). We have a Full Moon total eclipse at 5 degrees Sagittarius that will square Jupiter in Pisces on 26th May highlighting where we need to look at our belief systems and change them. There is a lovely trine between Venus and Jupiter at 1 degree on 4th of June- true love for some and maybe a favorable change in our global money markets. We have a Saturn square Uranus and a Mercury trine Jupiter on the 13th of June- a break with tradition spelt out in a message to the world. Solstice is on 20th June and it will trine Jupiter- outstanding day for good luck and positive move forward in our safety security. On the 13th of July Mercury in Cancer will trine Jupiter- communicating with compassion and higher level of thinking will be encouraged- Perhaps some acknowledgement to all of those who have ‘nurtured’ us in 2020.  On the 22nd of July Venus opposes Jupiter retrograde – for some a love may return. It may also have us individually being more circumspect with our money (and who we love).

Birthdays most directly affected: any Pisces ascendant from 0 to 3 degrees Pisces and 0-3 degrees Virgo, the opposite sign. Pisces birthdays: 19th to 22nd Feb and Virgo birthdays 23-27 August.

The Sabian Symbol for 3 degrees Pisces (I picked the degree Jupiter goes retrograde and stops its influence in 2021)- “Petrified tree trunks lie broken on desert sand”. This speaks to preservation of enduring factors in whatever man attempts in his culture. p. 270 I felt this also supported the Saturn square Uranus where we take the old and build the new on it- producing something new and beautiful that honors the past.

Finding Meaning in Life video:


  1. Rudhyar, D. An Astrological Mandala: The Cycle of Transformations and its 360 Symbolic Phases. Vintage Books Edition, 1974. Toronto: Canada.


Time Stamps: New Moon in Aquarius: 2:57 , Valentines’ Day: 6:06 , Full Moon in Virgo: 10:13.

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On the 1st February Venus will be in Aquarius joining the Sun, Mercury, Jupiter & Saturn! Lots of electrical energy around- good for solving difficult problems or situations. Think outside the box for solutions. The Moon opposite Chiron is asking for us to heal- perhaps a milestone collectively with the virus.

On the 6th Feb Venus conjuncts Saturn putting a damper on our money & love as some realities come to light. Venus goes on to conjunct lucky, expansive Jupiter at the New Moon at 23 Aquarius 16 at 11:05 AM PST- making this a lucky day and we’ll be spoilt for choice. Saturn squares Uranus and exerts a strong influence. I see this ‘influence’ all year as one of “making the old new” -visualize taking the old structure and transforming it into a new more optimistic and equitable structure (relationships, jobs, literal homes, government, banks- the list goes on). It’s like when you prune back your bushes & shrubs only to have beautiful new growth come out as a result same when you graft onto an old branch- a brand new fruit is the result. Adding to this is – Jupiter conjunct Saturn & this effect is: constructive change, rewards for the hard work! I’ve done a whole video on all the Mercury retrogrades in 2021. Here’s the link:

We have most of the Mercury retrograde in Aquarius affecting us in February 2021. This effect is to enlighten those open to it and to have us thinking outside the box regarding those constructive changes that need to take place in 2021. On a mundane level, the politics in the world working creatively to serve all mankind (hard to believe I know).

Valentine’s Day on the 14th February for those that celebrate it is a nice day overall. The Moon will be in Aries conjunct healing Chiron, all day having us all go after that which excites us! Venus trine the North Nodes of the Moon casts a spell on those who are open to new relationship energy- some bright futures for some relationships. Mercury will still be retrograde so some of us could have messages, DM’s, or emails from someone in our past.

On the 18th Feb, the Sun goes into Pisces, Happy New Year Pisces! We have the exact square from Saturn to Uranus helping enlighten us to the needed change (s). Saturn says: It is about time. Mercury goes direct at 11 degrees Aquarius on 20th February and the Moon conjuncts the North Nodes of the Moon and trines Jupiter! Wow- all planets are now direct- a signal from the universe that the future is indeed bright. Here’s a link to an article about possible contact with another galaxy that is closest to us, found in the Constellation Centaurus found in the Southern Hemisphere (2).

The Full Moon at 8 Virgo 57 on 27th Feb shimmies up to the Celtic Festival of Imbolc which starts on the 2 February between Winter & Spring and celebrates the goddess, Brigid and purification, light, new beginnings, fertility and new beginnings (1). Examining our health habits at this Full Moon is a great activity- Mars trine Pluto gives us great power to change things. Jupiter trines the North Nodes of the Moon where Fortune shines down on us. By 8pm PST the Moon is opposite Neptune illuminating our higher, compassionate selves.

In the night sky: look up high in the SW for Mars and then West as it makes its way through the evening.

My extended video will be on Jupiter in Pisces and I’ll cover all Ascendants & Sun signs- stay tuned.

Most of Mercury retrograde in Aquarius occurs in February 2021



Time Stamps: Introduction to Mercury retrograde followed by, Mercury retro in Aquarius & Venus: 3:51, Mercury Retro in Gemini: 12:55, Mercury Retro in Libra: 21:52 , Venus Retrograde in Capricorn: 27:24, Capricorn: 36:52, Aquarius: 39:21, Pisces: 41:44, Aries: 44:30, Taurus: 47:00, Gemini: 50:35, Cancer: 53:45, Leo: 55:31, Virgo: 56:56, Libra: 58:20, Scorpio: 1:00:37, Sagittarius: 1:03:09 .

We have three Mercury retrogrades in 2021 – all in Air Signs and one Venus retrograde in Capricorn. Operating in the background is the Saturn square Uranus where there is the “Changing of the Guard” that exude synchronicities, coincidences & manifestation for those that are responding to these energies.

Our first Mercury is retrograde in Aquarius- 26 degrees Aquarius on 30 Jan 2021, going direct at 11 degrees Aquarius on 21 Feb 2021. Venus at 26 degrees Capricorn will conjunct Pluto at this time initiating the importance of the Venus retrograde at the same degree point of 26 degrees Capricorn in Dec 2021, culminating in Jan 2022. Jupiter conjunct this Mercury retrograde degree point of 26 degrees Aquarius in April portends a very fortunate outcome of whatever was sent out or received Jan/Feb 2021. Saturn conjuncts this Feb 2023 potentially giving this Mercury retrograde some longevity!! Pay attention

The second Mercury retrograde is at 24 degrees Gemini on 29th May, culminating on 22 June 2021 at 16 degrees on the Fortunate Star, Rigel just before the Summer Solstice. Birthdays affected are from the 6th to 16th June for Gemini’s and 7-17th Dec birthdays for Sagittarians. The Nodes are in both of these signs suggesting an amplified effect of the Gemini retrograde. There is an eclipse on 10th June at 10 degrees Gemini emphasizing the importance of communications, facts, debates and possibly diplomacy & local work, working side-by-side. Many of these activities will culminate in some fortunate outcome.

The third Mercury retrograde is at 25 degrees Libra on 27th Sept 2021 culminating at 10 degrees Libra on 18th Oct 2021. Jupiter goes direct the same day at 22 degrees Aquarius- emphasizing the positive movement forward of what transpired over the retrograde period. Libra emphasizes the Law rules (especially of society, our mores e.g.), chart, grade, diplomacy, desire & love (cocktail parties too!). It is ruled by Venus. A full Moon on 20th Oct at 27 degrees Aries Opposes not squares (apologies I said squares in the video- wrong) the retrograde degree point suggesting not all is fair in love and war! The Sun will conjunct 25 Libra on 19th October 2021 bringing in the “law” perhaps even the Supreme Court to weigh in.

Venus retrograde officially occurs on 19th Dec 2021 but is “initiated” at the Venus/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn at 25 degrees at the Mercury retrograde in Aquarius at 30th Jan 2021. Venus will go direct on 29 January 2022 at 11 degrees Capricorn. Money, values, love, income & friendship may be highlighted. The United Kingdom is ruled by Capricorn as is the city of Oxford. Aquarius rules the Holy City of the Vatican- expect some big change of values here.

Reference and further reading:

Hand, R. (1981) Horoscope Symbols. Whitford Press: Pennsylvania

Moore, M & Douglas, M. (1978) Astrology The Divine Science. Arcane Publications: York Harbor, Maine

Rudhyar, D. (1974) An Astrological Mandala: The Cycle of Transformations & its 360 Symbolic Phases. Vintage Books: New York.

Time Stamps: New Moon in Capricorn: 4:00, USA Inauguration: 6:26, Full Moon in Leo: 10:03.

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There’s an interesting movement of transiting personal planets all going into their respective signs at zero degrees – a critical degree of new beginnings. Mercury at zero Aquarius (conjunct both Jupiter and Saturn) square Mars in Taurus. Venus will be at zero Capricorn and trines Mars at zero degrees Taurus. Neptune though, squares the north nodes of the Moon. But the Sun sextiles the Moon with the Sun sextile Neptune and the Moon trines Neptune- a new beginning but our discouragement of our dreams not coming true or beliefs may hold us back. This is a mostly positive set of configurations so, consider the ‘new’.

A significant New Moon at 23 Capricorn 13 conjuncts both Pluto and Sun on the 12th Jan 2021. This is where the Sun, Mercury, Saturn and Pluto all formed a conjunction in Jan 2020!! Now it comes full circle the start a new transformative encouraging & hopeful time.

Uranus goes direct on the 13th Jan- the changes can now start ‘happening’ – hold on to your seat. Big changes ahead in January 2021. Venus trines Uranus but squares Chiron- unusual, unexpected new pairings occur, both in love and friendship, delayed healing may be there too. One needs to get ‘over’ the hurt to move forward to positive relationships wherever they may be.

Jupiter will square Uranus once (left this out of my video) on 17th January. This is optimism meeting with disruption- “are you sure about this risk you want to take?” The answer may be yes. May be an awkward situation regarding an unexpected outcome from a risk taken. I don’t see this as a negative situation. It also could be some ‘problem’ regarding a outer space mission? Where something needs ‘solving’. Doesn’t mean it won’t but, might be a bit of nail- biting time. From difficulties come true breakthroughs. Might have lots of excitement attached to it too.

The President of the United States is due to be inaugurated on 20th January. Joe Biden’s own natal Moon is at zero Taurus and conjuncts the Moon on 20th January and trines his North Nodes of the Moon at zero Virgo. The people have an emotional connection to him to lead them to the future.

On the 28th January there’s a Full Moon at 9 Leo 06 at 11:17 AM PST, this conjuncts Donald Trump’s natal Pluto (and Uranus) in his 12th house- hidden house of secrets and enemies- they may emerge now, or he may emerge with some secretive undercover stuff. This Moon is close to the 11 degree Leo total eclipse on 31 January 2018- a creative project of your decision then to be your authentic self comes to a culmination or finishes in some way.

On the 30th January our first Mercury retrograde starts at 26 degrees Aquarius- that same day Venus is at 26 Capricorn conjunct Pluto (transforming our: money, love & values) at 25 degrees (the Venus retrograde is also at 26 degrees Capricorn on 19 Dec 2021!!). The Mercury retro in Aquarius may have some direct influence on the Venus retrograde in December…watch what comes up for review and the house it is in. Jupiter, planet of good luck and expansion hits the point of the Mercury retrograde, 26 degrees of Aquarius in April 2021 suggesting good luck could come as a result of a communication? Message? Saturn in Feb 2023 conjuncts this point. So, the effects of this particular Mercury retrograde could be long lasting.

Take very good care – much love and happiness to all of you!


Astrological Forecast for 2021 – All Signs


Time Stamps: Preamble & Theme for 2021: 0.25, Aries: 5:34, Taurus: 11:24, Gemini: 19:04, Cancer: 25:07, Leo: 30:33, Virgo: 34:59, Libra: 41:47, Scorpio: 49:00, Sagittarius: 56:28, Capricorn: 1:05:54, Aquarius: 1:13:35, Pisces: 1:19:57  .

2021 Themes: A breath of fresh air! You are full of hot air! Let’s go fly a kite! A focus on humanity and treating all fairly. Our air quality is important. This is a great time to get your own astro chart done for the year ahead!

Mary Poppins was a typical air sign…she arrived on the North Wind and left on the South Wind (can we say “air” was important for her to manifest). She was fair and wanted fairness for everyone but, she was not emotionally attached. Once she had achieved what she had to…she left…on the wind. So magical! Many of us were entranced by this film in our childhood.

We start 2021 off with a New Moon at 23 degrees Capricorn conjunct Pluto- Uranus goes direct the next day. On your mark, ready, set- Go!

We have 4 eclipse in 2021– A total eclipse at 5 degrees of Sagittarius in May, a A Gemini eclipse at 19 degrees in June, our first Taurus eclipse at 27 degrees in November and we end 2021 with a Total eclipse at 12 degrees of Sagittarius.

We have 3 Mercury retrogrades all in air signs. Mercury retro in Aquarius in January, Mercury retro in Gemini at the end of May, finally, Libra retro end of September.

Venus also goes retrograde on 19th Dec at 25 degrees Capricorn conjunct Pluto, going direct Jan 2022.

Saturn squares Uranus 3 times in 2021: Feb, June and December- this acts as a background energy for the whole year along with the single Jupiter square Uranus in January. Progressive change in all our structures and our beliefs- some folks will get it, others will not.

Happy New Year Everyone! Look forward to an optimistic & positive 2021!

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December 2020 Astrology

We have a New Moon Total Eclipse in Sagittarius & a new 20-year Jupiter conjunct Saturn in Aquarius cycle in December 2020.

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Time Stamps: Preamble for Dec 2020: 0 to 2:50, New Moon in Scorpio: 2:51, Jupiter Saturn conjunction: 5:10, Full Moon in Cancer: 8:37, Carl Sagan & Contact: 10:37, January 2021: 13:20.

From 10-12 Dec Mars, now direct trines the South Nodes of the Moon and sextiles the North Nodes of the Moon making it easier to let go of the past, especially as it relates to our outdated opinions and beliefs and opportunities to embrace the future with an eye to connecting to our local environment. The New Moon Total Eclipse is on 14th Dec at 23 Sagittarius 8; the 13th to 15th December birthdays are most affected but all Sagittarius have a brand-new start with the effects lasting up to 6 months! Optimism prevails!

Mercury conjuncts this eclipse New Moon and Venus sextiles Jupiter and conjuncts Juno suggesting some new agreement and opportunity to view marriage and the feminine principle. On the 21st December Jupiter conjuncts Saturn at 0 degrees 26 minutes Aquarius on Winter Solstice & a few hours later a quarter moon appears at zero degrees of Aries- a brand new start for us and our world emerges. This is followed up on 21st & 22nd December by a potentially powerful Mars square Pluto- use this positively to use the energy for creating positive change not arguments & disagreements- check the ego at the door.

The Full Moon is at 8 degrees Cancer and concludes a New Moon Total Eclipse in Cancer from August 2019- what new things did you start at that time that are now wrapping up? The Moon sextiles Uranus & the Sun trines Uranus- a time of ‘great’ enlightenment where we have the chance to connect with the Universe. “The Cosmos is within us. We are made of star stuff- we are a way of the Universe to know itself” by Carl Sagan. His Midheaven was conjunct his North Nodes of the Moon at approximately 3 degrees of Aquarius- very close to the Jupiter Saturn conjunction!! He wrote a book and wrote the screen play, along with his wife Ann Druyan (who continues to work behind the scenes now on Cosmos with Neil Degrasse Tyson) called “Contact” starring Jodie Foster and Mathew McConaughey. This is a story of a female scientist searching for the truth & alien contact along with a love story. I see this as one possibility of the effects of the Jupiter Saturn in Aquarius 20-year cycle.

In the sky: Please get out just after sunset on the 21st December (for only a few hours) and observe, in the Southwest night sky Jupiter (shining very brightly) and Saturn to the left a little higher up- you get to witness this conjunction with your own eyes!

January 2021 heralds a spectacular New Moon in Capricorn conjunct Pluto- a brand new start! Uranus goes direct the next day. A big announcement that will be all over the ‘airwaves’ happens when Mercury in Aquarius conjuncts the degree point that Jupiter and Saturn formed their exact conjunction in December 2020.

Reference: Contact film with Jodie Foster: