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June 2020 Astrology

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Time Stamps: Full Moon Eclipse in Sagittarius:  2:07, New Moon Eclipse in Cancer-Summer Solstice: 6:11, Ascendants: Cancer: 21:06 , Leo: 23:16 , Virgo: 24:00 , Libra: 24:40 , Scorpio: 25:30 , Sagittarius: 26:50 , Capricorn: 31:17 , Aquarius: 33:10, Pisces: 34:16,  Aries: 36:27 , Taurus: 37:19 , Gemini: 38:40 , Next Month July: 41:16 , In the Sky: 42:19 , Creating positive outcomes using positive visualization and “feeling”: 43:44.

Full Moon Eclipse in Sagittarius kicks off the Eclipse Season where eclipses will fall on the Gemini/Sagittarius axis. On the 5th of June @ 12:13 pm the eclipse happens at 15 degrees Sagittarius 34’ & Mercury sextile Uranus closely squares Chiron- we may hear some surprising news regarding our healing (potentially about the virus). Individually, this may be some surprising news that takes us aback- we receive this news or deliver it. Sagittarius asks us to think big picture, take risks but also gives us inspiration and at its highest provides great wisdom. For Sagittarius this represents a culmination or ending of something in your life.

Mercury goes retrograde in Cancer on 18th June till 12th July starting at 14 degrees Cancer and ending at 5 degrees Cancer. Together with the Venus retrograde this now has us looking at our habits we’ve picked up and seeing how that plays into our relationships (Venus). Past conditioning, our mother, parents, our home (past and present) may all come into focus at this retrograde. Ask: does this person, place, job, thing make me feel nurtured, secure and safe?

On the 20th of June in the Northern Hemisphere on the West Coast we have the final Cancer eclipse at 0 degrees 21 minutes @ 11:42 pm PDT and the Summer Solstice at the same time. This suggests the energy from this eclipse lasts for at least 3 months till the Fall Equinox where a new cycle begins.

Venus in Gemini @ 5 degrees goes direct on 25th June. It forms a wide conjunction with Chiron suggesting some real beneficial news with regards to our healing.

Next month: July 2020 has the final eclipse in Capricorn @ 13 degrees and a New Moon in Cancer (not an eclipse) marking a new true beginning for Cancers. Mercury will go direct.

In the Sky: Venus will go into the underworld end May, early June and then rise as a morning star seen easily in the morning sky around 11/12 June. Please check out Gary Caton’s video where he explains the astronomy, mythology and positive effects of this Venus retrograde period.

Authors with books on positive visualization: Shakti Gawain, Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, Eckert Tolle and many more!!!

Link to Gary Caton video on Venus retro with astronomy, mythology & astrology:

My Venus retro in Gemini video with all Ascendants:

My Jupiter Pluto & Jupiter Saturn video with all Ascendants:

North Nodes in Gemini and South Nodes in Sagittarius

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From May 2020 to Jan 2022 this transit will be in effect. It represents our global destiny over the next 1.5 years. You can look back to ~19 years ago for individual themes that will, in some way, repeat themselves. If you have your own North Nodes of the Moon natally in Gemini this is a particularly important turning point in your destiny, ditto if you have them natally in Sagittarius (the opposite sign).

Gemini generally is asking us all to see both sides to a situation, communication, listening to others and being open to new things coming our way. This is a time of gather the ‘facts’- I “just want the facts ma’am” type of thinking and processing information. This is a time to let go of judging others and being self-righteous or making assumptions without the facts or listening carefully to others. This has an Aquarian like feel in that it asks us to really listen to others and incorporate that in our thinking and subsequent actions. Careers in all types of communication are favored, e.g. writing, teaching, presenting. This is us living in a society with many different views, philosophy & individual paths- all need to be respected & considered for the bigger picture. Enjoy the present moment (s) whilst planning. When it comes to relationships freedom to do what you want is prominent where “variety is the spice of life”. Diplomacy and tact will go a long way during the next 1.5 years! Charm can be encouraged by developing the “art of small talk”.

I’m mainly speaking to transits to just the Natal Chart but, you can consider the Solar return (an influence over a year) and Lunar return (an influence over a month) charts too especially by exact conjunction.

If you have the North Nodes in Gemini by birth, then this transit will give you energy and power to express your destiny. If you have other natal planets also conjunct your natal North Nodes of the Moon, then these planets energy will be set off too. This starts off a new, positive cycle for you & the timing may be reflected by the ‘exact’ degree point of both your natal North Nodes and the transiting North Nodes. Fortunate, important people may come into your life that are of great importance to you expressing your individual destiny.

If your North Nodes are in the opposite sign, Sagittarius, where the South Nodes of the Moon are by transit then you will need to incorporate some aspects of yourself that are very familiar and let go and instead point your arrow to the area (house or houses) that is represented by Gemini. You could have to let things or people go at this time as your transform the way you think about them in your life. This especially applies to the real reason or meaning of life and the legacy you feel you need to leave.

Timing can potentially be more accurate when the transiting North Nodes (in this case Gemini) are aspecting our angles (Ascendant, Descendant & Midheaven especially).

North Nodes in Gemini conjunct your natal Midheaven marks a time when you may progress professionally, your career shines and new doors open for you. Those in power may provide you with positive career growth. This is in contrast where the 4th house (where the south node presides) is not so favorable, perhaps a sacrifice in the home as a result of a forward moving career occurs. Your parents, especially your mother may be important for you during the next 1.5 years. This could literally involve a house move as a result of a positive development in your career.

North Nodes in Gemini conjunct your Ascendant marks a time when you have fortunate events and people come into your life. You can be “in the right place, at the right time” now. If you are lucky enough to be born with the North Node conjunct the Ascendant this is a life theme for you. With the South Nodes in your 7th house this could have your partners not be cooperative and could involve extra burdens for you. If you have the North Nodes in Gemini conjunct your Descendant in your 7th house then the “other” either marriage or business partner, or both, could have the upper hand & you may need their support at this time. This could be a favorable time to meet a partner, marriage or business or both.

Linda Goodman discusses the importance of the Part of Fortune and the Vertex and the North Node transiting these points- I refer you to her website under the reference section below (1).

North Nodes by transit & effects on Natal Planet placements by activating that planets specific energy. In conjunction with Pluto- great courage and strength to persevere & can be a time of psychological growth of note. It can be a time of great transformation and transition where you may choose a new path in life including new relationships. The house this occurs in will reflect the area of your life involved in transformation & release.

North Nodes by transit in conjunct with Neptune can bring general confusion & fogginess to the house involved. Take care with any deception, lying or ‘hidden’ agendas currently. Consult with experts if warranted. It can indicate drug or substance abuse where you take the high road. It can mark a time when dreams really do come true.

North Nodes by transit conjunct with Uranus brings the unexpected to the house involved. Out of the blue, unusual things or people come into your life.  You may have a great desire to break free- you may decide to become an astrologer. At its highest Uranus wants to provide enlightenment so, this could be a seminal moment when you literally ‘wake up’.

North Nodes by transit with Saturn suggest that authority figures or responsibilities take on a more important role. It can mark a time of new responsibility, for good or ill. This can be a very karmic time as Saturn rules karma. Your chickens come home to roost!

North Nodes by transit with Jupiter can indicate time of good fortune but also loss. And weight gain or loss can occur. Equally, small animals, or horses (Jupiter rules Sagittarius and the glyph of half man, half horse) may be more important at this time. Publishing a book or a move abroad could all be on the books!

North Nodes by transit with Mars gives us courage to pursue a certain path or directive especially as it applies to a pioneering new way forward. Energy generally can be abundant- take care with potential angry outbursts though!

North Nodes by transit with Venus can signify a new love of importance comes into your life. But it can just as easily be a time of lots of positive social interactions and events.

North Nodes by transit with Mercury can bring all forms of communications into the spotlight including small journeys. You may be making important announcements to others- ensure the message is clear. Young people could be more important for you including your children.

North Nodes by transit and the Sun can indicate job or home changes are on the cards. People of importance may come in at this time. Pay attention especially with who ‘comes into’ your life- it may not be obvious now but later, what influence they will have positively on your life.

North Nodes by transit and the Moon suggest that the home, family, your mother, perhaps parents will be important for you now. Someone new may enter your life that provides a nurturing role for you. You may also make a conscious decision to change habits you acquired early in life that no longer serve you.


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May 2020 Astrology

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May 2020 starts off with Mercury conjunct Uranus in Taurus- angry words or thoughts could slowly percolate up! Take care

The North Nodes of the Moon of our collective destiny now starts at 29 degrees Gemini on 6th May 2020 for the next 1.5 years- emphasizing more cerebral things, exchanging information and data and forming connections. I will do an extended video shortly covering all the Ascendants so you can see what area of your life will be affected. Look to approximately 19 years ago for the ‘theme’.

Full Moon in Scorpio on 7th May @ 9:46 a.m. PDT puts the Moon at 17 Scorpio 20 and the Sun, in the opposite sign, Taurus conjunct Mercury- emphasizing stability in the facts and our thoughts. But…with a Full Moon in “Still waters run deep” Scorpio we will have conflicting, deep feelings too. This could generate some drama, heightened intuition, money- especially shared money. At it’s worse, obsessive/compulsive feelings. Fear & anxiety will be our default…put some positive actions in place prior that you can go to alleviate this. Venus goes retrograde at 21 Gemini 50 on 8th May till 25th June at 5 Gemini- look to these degrees in your chart to see what house & area of your life that may be affected. I’ve done an extended Venus retrograde in Gemini video; please access here:

Saturn stations retrograde on the 11th and Jupiter stations retrograde on 14th June – this has us going back to the drawing board for our future.

A New Moon at 2 Gemini 05 on 22nd May is at 10:38 a.m. PDT.  Happy New Year for all Gemini’s. The Sun and Moon in Gemini trine Saturn in Aquarius- this marks a time of stable new, favorable wise information. Saturn also conjuncts Pallas Athena (wise, strategic warrior) suggesting a new strategy is discussed & rolled out & that we should build (Saturn) connections (Aquarius) like bridges with others not walls (also Saturn). Mars sextiles Uranus spells out enthusiasm and excitement. Jupiter continues to conjunct Pluto and can bring out self-righteousness- but growth and transformation of our shadow sides is being called out. I did an extended video on this transit that occurs 3X in 2020 here:

Birthdays affected by this New Moon in Gemini are 22-24th May and Ascendants 1-3 degrees Gemini.

Looking ahead at June 2020 we have Mercury going retrograde in Cancer and the same time as Venus is retrograde in Gemini, our first eclipse @ 0 degrees of Cancer on the Summer solstice in the Northern Hemisphere and Venus goes direct at the end of June!!- a action packed month.

Please take care, better days are ahead. Leave comments and questions.

Jupiter conjunct Pluto and Jupiter conjunct Saturn 2020

Time stamps: Jupiter conjunct Pluto:1:23,  Jupiter conjunct Saturn: 14:21, Capricorn: 17:41, Aquarius: 18:32, Pisces: 19:50, Aries: 20:50,Taurus: 22:05, Gemini: 23:17 Cancer: 24:17, Leo: 25:53, Virgo: 27:27, Libra: 28:48, Scorpio: 30:42, Sagittarius: 32:59

Jupiter will conjunct Pluto three times in 2020. 4th April at 24 Capricorn 53 with the Moon at 3 Virgo, Venus at 1Gemini and Mercury conjunct Neptune 20 degrees and 19 degrees Pisces respectively & Saturn and Chron will be direct 0 degrees Aquarius and 5 degrees Aries with the Sun at 15 Aries.

The second is on 30th June at 24 Capricorn 6 minutes with both Jupiter and Pluto retrograde and a Mercury retrograde at 10 Cancer, conjunct the Sun the next day, 2 eclipses in June 5th June Full Moon Eclipse in Sagittarius and 21st June New Moon at zero degrees of Cancer. North Nodes of the Moon now in Gemini @29 degrees.

The third is on 12th November at 22 Capricorn 51, Saturn is direct at 26 Capricorn 56, last here mid-Feb 2020 when the USA realized the gravity of the Corona virus, Pluto will arrive here March 2021. The Moon and Venus conjunct in Libra, Sun and Mercury in Scorpio with the Sun sextile Jupiter and Pluto, Mars is retrograde at 15 Aries Chiron and Neptune and Uranus retrograde- positive news for money markets but work going on in the background (Mars retro) to put some pioneering methods in place over the next many months through Jan 2021.

Jupiter is where we grow, its where we reach for our higher selves to make meaning of life (it is foreign people, foreign places). It meets up with Pluto three times over 2020. Pluto is our soul, our shadow self and asks us to transform. This is taking Lead and transforming it into Gold- magic potentially.

Many souls are being transformed, some to a higher level, others to another world- mostly we are polishing up our shadow side so we might be at a higher vibrating level for all. This could reflect power struggles, secrets or hidden information or things. We are meant to transform our shadow and soul into something better.

Jupiter conjunct Saturn in Aquarius bring Jupiter’s transformation from it’s conjunct with Pluto to manifest it in something real with new gold standards by which we all live by.

April 2020 Astrology

Both the Full & New Moons along with the Venus retrograde shadow starting put a big emphasis on Venus this month of April 2020. This means our money, love & values will be contemplated. In love: Ask yourself, is this person treating me like a priority…or an option (paraphrasing from quote by Maya Angelou).

Full Moon in Libra is on 7th April at 7:35 pm PDT at 18 Libra 43- seek a balance between your needs & others. The Moon quincunx Neptune asks us not to be a martyr but to balance between giving and taking. Libra asks us to be fair & balanced. Mars square Uranus suggests restraint, it is also an accident prone transit, take care with releasing energy (especially anger and frustration). Saturn now in Aquarius till July heralds a time when beneficial structures will be created to help all of humanity. Our youth & those truly enlightened influence this trend greatly. The Sun squares Pluto (and Jupiter) on 14th April says challenges making transformation- perhaps our government will need to make the decision to have the military involved with combating the COVID-19 virus. Venus trine Mars says there may be new unusual information about our money and that unusual relationships & bedfellows may arise- collectively & individually.

The New Moon in Taurus is on 22nd Apr @ 7:27 PM PDT 3 Taurus 24 & conjuncts Uranus by 3 degrees. This could be a brand new, unexpected beginning for Taurus born folks on 22/23/24 April birthdays -this opposes Scorpio folks born 25/26/27 November where partners may have something unexpected come up that provides big change. Venus squares Neptune at the end of April – “being sold a false bill of sale or goods” take care with any purchases and signing of contracts where money is involved. Seek expert advice if you are unsure. Great love, twin flames & soulmates might be circling around…wonderful if that turns out to be the truth…but a fairytale may also be emerging instead. With the Venus in Gemini retrograde starting in May through the summer…collecting factual information- remember actions speak loudly- pay attention to that. Do enjoy the very romantic energy though.

In the night sky high up in the West- Venus shines super brightly reminding us that there is a higher love (Steve Winwood)- just reach it, invite it in. Please take care everyone.

Venus Retrograde in Gemini video link:

Venus Retrograde in Gemini

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Time Stamps: Gemini: 25:22, Cancer: 27:46 Leo: 29:27, Virgo: 30:40 Libra: 31:59, Scorpio: 38:24, Sagittarius: 35:06, Capricorn: 36:15, Aquarius: 37:54, Pisces: 39:26, Aries: 41:35, Taurus: 43:27

Venus goes retrograde in Gemini 12 May @ 11:46 pm PDT at 21 degrees 50 minutes Gemini and goes direct on 26 June at 5 degrees of Gemini. Are there multiple partners to be considered with the ‘twins’?

Gemini represents the trickster, the twins, twin flames. Socializing, exchanging and gathering information is a function of Gemini- communication generally. So, because it’s Mercury ruling (Mercury rules Gemini- where the Venus retrograde is occurring) the Venus retrograde in Gemini…suggests that communications could go awry (somewhat like a “Mercury” retrograde). There’s also 3 Venus square Neptune occurring during the retrograde and shadow period. Care with those you love. Deception could be high but so could romance! We also have a Mercury retrograde happing during the Venus retrograde. Mercury is retrograde in Cancer this speaks to our habits, our past, our mother, where do we feel nurtured and at home? Venus retrograde in Gemini occurred in May 2004 & May 2012. Both these periods may connect up for you. Venus retrograde conjuncts the Sun on 4th June- can we say illumination?! We also have the North Nodes of the moon moving into Gemini, they’ll be at 29 degrees of Gemini at this time. The Summer Solstice is on 20th June and has the Moon at 25 degrees Gemini, so close to the Venus Retrograde. The last Venus square Neptune occurs when Venus is direct, 27/28 July- the rose-colored glasses fall off. You see what is real in your relationship(s). We have a Mars retrograde in September at 28 degrees of Aries. Movement forward is imminent.