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April 2022 Astrology- some of my viewers requested one video with all signs, here it is! Enjoy! Anchor podcast -audio link: https://anchor.fm/elpisastrology/episodes/April-2022-Astrology-for-all-signs-e1fhgv8

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For New Moon in Aries see my March 2022 videos
Full Moon in Libra at 26 Libra 46 on 16th April 2022 @ 11:54 a.m. PDT- a Saturday on the West Coast of USA. Jupiter conjunct Neptune by degree, 24 degrees, but not by minute. Mercury conjunct Uranus. Sun & Moon squares Pluto has those in power disregarding the ‘law’. Saturn squares both the North & South Nodes of the Moon in Taurus/Scorpio respectively- stern warnings & detentions for others.
New Moon in Taurus Eclipse at 10 Taurus 28 on 30th April 2022 @ 1:29 p.m. PDT. Venus will conjunct Jupiter at 27 Pisces the two benefics canoodling together- awesome for making love or money. Mercury just ingresses into Gemini, it’s ruler at 0 degrees Gemini at this eclipse. Uranus at 14 degrees has the Moon conjunct it @ 8:29 p.m. PDT. This brings a lot of unexpected, surprising energy to this Eclipse, perhaps some explosions of sorts, natural ones would be volcanoes or earthquakes.
Other transits:
Venus will be in Pisces all month, conjuncting Jupiter then Neptune. Venus sextile Uranus- awesome opportunities to make money, perhaps unexpectedly. An unusual love comes into your life; maybe not your usual ‘type’. Unexpectedly your value is noticed.
Mercury conjunct Uranus 18th April 2022- unexpected, maybe explosive news appears! New scientific discoveries announced.

Main Event: Jupiter conjunct Neptune @ 12th April 2022 @ 22 Pisces
This has the Virgo Moon just ingressing into Virgo at 0 degrees culminating in an opposition with both Jupiter & Neptune on 14th April @ 24 degrees Virgo where a Yod or Finger of God is formed by Saturn @ 23 Aquarius & the Sun at 24 Aries pointing at this moon in Virgo @ 24 degrees Virgo. The sabian symbol for this Moon at 25 degrees Virgo that is where the finger of god is ‘pointing to’ is: A flag at half mast in front of a public building. This represents Public recognition of a person who has given great social service to the masses.

Mars in Pisces last half of April 2022. It won’t conjunct Jupiter or Neptune in Pisces in April; this will occur in May 2022. Mars is relatively uncomfortable in Pisces but at its best it is the spiritual warrior – asking to Give Peace a Chance.

Saturn in Aquarius squares both the North & South Nodes in Taurus & Scorpio. Saturn forms an inconjunct with firstly Jupiter then Neptune.
Pluto goes retrograde at 28 degrees Capricorn on 28th April 2022

I have done time stamps for all signs in this video below as some of my viewers requested this.

Intro: 0:00
Jupiter conjunct Neptune: 1:20
Full Moon in Libra: 20:59
New Moon in Taurus Eclipse: 27:04
Aries: 33:32
Taurus: 36:52
Gemini: 41:37
Cancer: 45:51
Leo: 49:27
Virgo: 53:57
Libra: 58:22
Scorpio: 1:02:41
Sagittarius: 1:08:09
Capricorn: 1:13:02
Aquarius: 1:17:45
Pisces: 1:22:38
May 2022: 1:29:42

Jupiter in Pisces (Jupiter conjunct Neptune), all signs: https://youtu.be/VHoBy3lzjgk
North Nodes in Taurus, all signs: https://youtu.be/Yo3EUkktHO0
Total Eclipse in Scorpio May 2022: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QOCnn8uBvSE&t=642s

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Second Half of Feb 2022 all signs & ascendants mini forecast by Ascendant or Sun Sign: We all need to go back to the August 2017 time period and what occurred then as it occurs in the same house as that eclipse. The difference is this is and ending not a beginning. Because it is tied in with the Total Eclipse in Leo at the same degree point it is a door closing.

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New Moon in Aquarius (see my video dedicated to this New Moon) occurs either 31 Jan or 1 Feb 2022. Whatever is new at this time will have an enduring quality & your timing will just feel right. You’ll be reminded to put your shoulder into hard work to get the changes that need to happen implemented.

4 Feb 2022 Mercury goes direct at 24 degrees Capricorn & Sun conjuncts Saturn at 15 degrees Aquarius. All the scrambled communications become clear. Lines of communication are opened up once again.
13th Feb Venus conjunct Mars at 14 degrees Capricorn providing a positive relationship influence for Valentine’s Day the next day.

Full Moon in Leo 16th Feb 2022 at 27 Leo 59’ @ 8:57am PST. Mars conjunct Venus @ 16 degrees Capricorn. Pluto continues to trine the North Nodes of the Moon. Jupiter sextile Uranus. We had a total eclipse, new moon in Leo @ 28 degrees on 21 August 2017. So, this Full Moon is activating whatever new things came up at that time. Pay attention. The Leo Moon squares the NN of the Moon in Taurus & SN of the Moon in Scorpio.

Significant Dates for last half of Feb 2022:
18th Feb the Sun ingresses into Pisces@ 0 degrees at 8:57 a.m. PST.
21st the Moon trines Jupiter at 12 degrees Scorpio & Pisces.
22nd Feb the Moon conjuncts the SN of the Moon at 26 degrees Scorpio & this, in turn, sextiles Pluto.
26th Feb the Moon conjuncts both Venus & Mars at 24 degrees Capricorn

1 March Mars conjunct Pluto exactly & Venus out by one degree also is conjunct.

Sabian Symbol: 28 degrees Leo. Many little birds on a limb of a big tree. A wide, and perhaps confusing openness to a multiplicity of inspiring potentialities. This can be an exciting time but also a confusing time. Focus is needed. In the distance we see many possibilities now we need to narrow down which of those possibilities are worth pursuing.
19th Feb Jupiter has exact sextile with Uranus at 11 degrees. Sun ingresses to Pisces. A dreamy, spiritual & hopeful time begins.
25th Feb Mercury direct in Aquarius @ 11 degrees square Uranus in Taurus. News regarding our basic essentials- food & shelter!
26 & 27 Feb Venus conjunct Mars both days at 23/24 Capricorn. This conjunction will conjunct Pluto on March 3, 2022. The celestial lovers keep lingering making relationships real & meaningful- whether they are business, marriage or friendships.

Link to New Moon in Aquarius on 31 Jan 2022: https://youtu.be/86B6WBYN2Z0
Link for North Nodes in Taurus: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yo3EUkktHO0
Link for Total Eclipse in Scorpio May 2022: https://youtu.be/QOCnn8uBvSE

Introduction: 0:00
Overview of Full Moon in Leo: 1:13
Sabian Symbol: 10:17
Leo: 11:34
Virgo: 12:40
Libra: 13:07
Scorpio: 13:45
Sagittarius: 14:17
Capricorn: 15:05
Aquarius: 15:56
Pisces: 17:05
Aries: 18:24
Taurus: 19:34
Gemini: 20:34
Cancer: 21:33
Closing Remarks: 22:20

New Moon at 12 degrees Aquarius 19’ on
31 January (West Coast of USA & Canada) &
1 Feb 2022 (East Coast, EU, Australia) @ 9:45 p.m. PST
Time Stamps: General Introduction: beginning of video, Sabian Symbol: 13:19, Aquarius: 15:03 , Pisces: 17:35, Aries: 19:40, Taurus: 21:54, Gemini: 24:41, Cancer: 26:57, Leo: 29:06, Virgo: 14:08, Libra: 33:18, Scorpio: 35:05, Sagittarius: 38:06, Capricorn: 40:13.
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This is conjunct Saturn adding an enduring quality & gives whatever is new longevity. It speaks to: Its about time, the time is right, karma, old structures & old people. It also squares the modern ruler, Uranus which is in Taurus – this provides a challenge & asks: Accept the challenge to change the old into the new!
The New Moon may herald new discoveries regarding scientific inventions, outer space, electronic media. It is a force for change. What needs to change into something new in your life? Listen to the latter half of my video where I cover all the Sun & Ascendant Signs (check my time stamps above).
Mercury is still retrograde at 24 degrees Capricorn conjunct Pluto. I see this as new ways of thinking about death. Behind the scenes revision of historic, outdated ways of institutions views of the process of death.
Pluto will form a lovely trine energy with the newly placed North Nodes of the Moon in Taurus providing transformational energy to us all regarding our destiny- fated, karmic events. Venus trine Uranus brings exciting changes for both love relationships- expect the unexpected with surprises – and easily made changes with how we handle money especially via electronic means.
Mars at 4 degrees Capricorn is approaching a conjunction with Venus who is at 11 degrees Capricorn gaining her forward speed from her long retrograde. Mars will conjunct Venus on and off, mostly in Capricorn for the next few months emphasizing the celestial lovers coming together but also money & values all up for change, friendships too. All of February 2022 Mars will conjunct Venus on and off from 14 to 24 degrees Capricorn culminating on 3rd March with a conjunction with Pluto- transformational energies of our money, values and women or the feminine principle by those in positions of power. In March both Mars & Venus will conjunct the 12 degree point of this New Moon triggering your forward on your march to the new world.
Link for North Nodes in Taurus: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yo3EUkktHO0
Link for Total Eclipse in Scorpio May 2022: https://youtu.be/QOCnn8uBvSE

Full Moon Total Eclipse in Scorpio
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This is the first Total Eclipse of 2022. It occurs on 15th May 2022 @ 9:15 p.m. at 25 Scorpio 18. Arguably all the eclipses are significant but a Total eclipse in my mind is a little more important to pay attention to as it reflects a tighter orb with the Nodes of Fate – that is why I am doing this video in advance. This is about “regeneration” as Pluto rules Scorpio & Mars as an ancient ruler. Pluto may move slowly but what is destroyed can never be the same again, it must be transformed into something better. Scorpio rules taxes, the stock market, physical passion & ecstasy, deep feelings including revenge. I will also give my interpretation of the ‘meaning’ of this eclipse for each of the Sun &/or Ascendants at the end of this video.
We will have 2 Total Eclipses in 2022- this will occur in: Scorpio in May and Taurus in November (exactly conjunct a Uranus retrograde- ouch!)

Time Stamps: Scorpio-General: 4:43, Mercury retrograde in Gemini & planet placements: 6:23, Scorpio: 15:08 , Sagittarius: 19:24 , Capricorn: 22:30 , Aquarius: 25:40 , Pisces: 28:50 , Aries: 33:10 , Taurus: 36:49, Gemini: 40:20 , Cancer: 45:58 , Leo: 49:19, Virgo: 51:47 , Libra: 56:49.
Scorpio gives this Full Moon intensity and depth – it potentially reveals secrets – this gives awesome intuition and intense feelings. The Full Moon brings an ending or culmination, the Eclipse part could have doors close & doors swung open – especially ones that should have been opened before and someone behind the scenes worked to keep in away from us. Intuition or psychic abilities can be running high but, so can obsessive/possessive type of behaviour (try to avoid this & instead look at the “facts”). The Taurus Sun opposite this intense Moon can provide opportunities for a stabilizing influence- but it can’t force a stabilization. For individuals with a significant placement of a planet or angle (Sun/Moon, Ascendant, Midheaven) this could be an intense time for you and it may start even a month earlier. It is meant to shift the “muck” from our lives and transform us psychologically to a higher level maybe even to a higher financial level. Scorpios- this is a big letting go time…if something or someone is leaving, let it go. You will want to cling, don’t. If it is meant for you it will stay and become even stronger and more solid. The Moon trines Mars & squares Saturn & trines Neptune.
It conjuncts the transiting South Nodes of the Moon in Scorpio by 2 degrees & opposite the North Nodes (where the Sun is) at 2 degrees Taurus. Technically this can give this eclipse more power & effects especially if it forms a conjunction or opposition with an important planet/luminary like the Sun or Angle like the Ascendant.
The Sun in Taurus acts as a stabilizing factor to the Moon. The Sun squares Saturn & sextiles Neptune ( it widely trines powerful Pluto).
Mercury sextile Jupiter. Jupiter has just ingressed into Aries and is at zero degrees of Aries, a critical degree for “beginnings”.
Venus conjunct Chiron @ zero degrees. Mars conjunct Neptune – Mars does not do well in Pisces as it wants to take action but Pisces is so ethereal you can’t pin down things. At its best spiritual action or inspirational events can occur.
Mars sextile the North Nodes, trine the South Nodes. Opportunities to make changes to let go of the past and move to the future especially regarding investments, our psychological development, sex, & our values.
Neptune sextile the North Nodes in Scorpio- this is a subtle influence that asks us to really listen to our intuition and the whispers that tell us where we should go on our destiny path.
Scorpio: this is your first house, more significant will be if you have your Ascendant around the 25 degree mark of Scorpio & for Scorpio Sun’s we are looking at 25 degrees of Scorpio birthdays on 17, 18 & 19 November- it is these folks that will be potentially more directly affected more intensely. The opposite 7th house is all partnerships and it is where the Sun is at this Total Eclipse suggesting that something may be up with your partner that affects you directly. Uranus is also operating in the same house as the Sun bringing in something unexpected from your partner either business or marriage, or clients.
Sagittarius: this is your 12th house of hidden things & places, rest, it is also a place of potentially great healing if you are willing to do the work. Secrets, yours or others, could come to light and change your life. The Sun is in your 6th house of health, it is possible that something will come to light regarding your health. This may have you seriously changing your eating & exercise habits.
Capricorn: this is your 11th house of friends & groups, hopes and wishes. The Sun is in the opposite 5th house illuminating a need to express your authentic, artistic self, for others this could be a true love come into your life or a pregnancy or child may feature as part of the life changing effects of this eclipse. This Sun in your 5th house wants to ‘manifest’ or build something of value. Uranus will be forming a favorable trine to your Sun or Ascendant emphasizing the unexpected arriving at this eclipse but welcome. Pluto is at the final degrees of Capricorn so only the very late born Cappies will feel the transformational effect of inevitable “change” but this should be positive as it forms a lovely trine with this Total Eclipse.
Aquarius: this is your 10th house of career & long term goals. The Sun is in the opposite 4th house of home, the mother, your habits. You could have something happen in your career that directly affects these areas- for instance, you get a new job or change your career direction & your home will need to be sold to accommodate this. Saturn is in your sign all of 2022 bringing you potential lessons or rewards.
Pisces: this is your 9th house of travel, publishing, foreign places/people, higher education & values. The Sun is in the 3rd house of communications, siblings, your neighborhood, writing, sales & commerce. Uranus sextiles to Pisces & Neptune here too but not in orb of this eclipse but may bring in an unexpected communications that affects you, perhaps you finish writing something & a publisher contacts you and wants to publish your manuscript. Uranus forms a opportunity like energy to Pisces giving you the deciding vote on what you may want to do next.
Aries: this is your 8th house of shared resources, investments, your psychological self, healing & inheritances. The Sun is in your 2nd house of earned income & values. Chiron is also operating in your sign valiantly sending healing vibes to your sign. Jupiter has just entered Aries bringing good luck, expansion & gifts.
Taurus: this is your 7th house of partnerships & clients. The Sun is in your first house illuminating you, along with Uranus. Pluto in Capricorn will form a lovely, favorable, trine with late born Taureans adding some transformational aspects to this eclipse. Uranus is operating too but at a distance from this eclipse, it can bring surprises on its own. Let go of that which is meant to go. Clinging will be painful.
Gemini: this is in your 6th house of Health, day to day job & habits. This Sun is illuminating your 12th house of hidden things, rest, metaphysical subjects, healing, secrets, hidden enemies, hidden places like hospitals. You’ve just hosted the transiting North Nodes of the Moon which ended early Jan 2022. So this may act as a time where much needed rest is easily accessible & you go inward to “contemplate”. You will host a Mercury & Mars retrograde in 2022 & this may involved something coming back to you – a message or communication that went awry maybe or negotiating & signing contracts.
Cancer: this is in your 5th house of true love, children, being your authentic self, artistic pursuits, your own business & games of chance, having fun! The Sun is illuminating your 11th house of friends & groups, hopes and wishes, ruled by Uranus it is any electronic media like you tube, the internet, emails etc. All these areas could become very active.
Leo: this is in your 4th house of home, your mother, your habits. The Sun is in your 10th house of career & long term goals. Your home may be sold or you have to move because of a career change. You mother may plan into this change in your home or your habits may undergo a big change as they don’t support your career.
Virgo: this is in your 3rd house of communications, siblings, your neighborhood, sales & commerce. The Sun is in your 9th house of foreign people/places, higher learning, travel, publishing & teachers. You have Neptune in your opposite sign of Pisces so take care of deception in any partnerships but at its highest you may encounter a guru or teacher that changes your life.
Libra: this is in your 2nd house of the income you earn, your values, especially value of self. The Sun is in your 8th house of shared resources, investments, your psychological self, healing, shamanic arts, inheritances. You may undertake some psychological counselling or decide to take more of your earned income and ‘invest’ it.

November 2021 Astrology
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Time Stamps: New Moon in Scorpio: 1:07 . Full Moon Eclipse in Taurus: 6:53,
Night & Morning Sky: 16:20, Dec 2021: 16:50.
Eclipse season starts this month with our first eclipse in Taurus at 27 Taurus 14 on 19th Nov 2021. Featured this month then will be Taurus (where the Full Moon takes place) followed by the opposite sign, Scorpio (where the Sun will be at the Eclipse). To be directly affected you will need a Sun or Moon or Ascendant at 27 Taurus or Scorpio. We have squares formed again, at 27 degrees to Leo & Aquarius so these two signs will be affected with potential challenges to overcome.
Check out my video on the North and South Nodes in Taurus & Scorpio respectively for all Ascendants & Sun Signs here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yo3EUkktHO0&t=3272s
Our New Moon is at 12 Scorpio 40 on 4th November. The Sun, Moon and Mars (albeit outside an orb of conjunction) are all in Scorpio. However, Mercury at the last degrees of Libra does conjunct Mars. Mercury sextiles Venus which is at a critical 29 degrees Sagittarius. Notably, the Sun and Moon in Scorpio are exactly opposite Uranus making this New Moon marked for unexpected, surprising events that help start something ‘new’. This New Moon is ruled by both Mars & Pluto. Mars will be in detective mode wanting to uncover hidden things. The real power behind this may not show up until the Taurus eclipse as it will trine Pluto.
The Sun in Scorpio trine Neptune in Pisces on 13th November. This promotes intuition and truth-seeking energies that are easily revealed.
The Moon conjuncts a retrograde Uranus on 17th November on its way to the Full Moon in Taurus. The North Node is close by even though it is in Gemini it is in orb to classify this Full Moon as an Eclipse.
The Full Moon Eclipse in Taurus is at 27 Taurus 14 putting the Sun in the opposite sign, Scorpio conjunct Mercury, with Mars close by at 13 degrees Scorpio. It will be visible in Asia, Australia & N & S American. I see this Full Moon as two different camps, one wants to hold on to past beliefs, I get the feeling with Mars in Scorpio that there are some underhanded, behind the scenes, wheeling and dealing especially as it is opposite a retrograde Uranus. This could be explosive events. Maybe earthquakes, volcanoes. I see the money markets being highlighted along with our values, love & real estate/investments. Saturn forms a sextile to retrograde Chiron at the eclipse giving us opportunities to heal or have better health.
This Eclipse is ruled by Venus emphasizing: money, diplomacy, beauty, women, love relationships & values. All these may be up for change especially when the transiting North Nodes of the Moon go into Taurus officially Jan 2022.
Here’s the link for my take on the Asc/Sun Signs for the Full Moon Eclipse in Taurus Nov 2021: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3f2ePfWzfm4&t=726s
Mars in Scorpio opposite to Uranus retrograde in Taurus on 20th November followed by Venus in Capricorn trine to Uranus retrograde in Taurus on the 20th November too. This is surprising, unexpected action(s) followed by a charming sweet cover up, this may involve a woman or women. Watch out for a wolf in sheep’s clothing.
Venus sextile Mars within orb for a few days to exactly sextile on 23rd November, just prior to this Venus will trine retrograde Uranus on the 20th November and Mars on 18th November and again on the 29th November. This can bring opportunities for both making and investing money or love.
The Sun goes into optimistic Sagittarius on the 23rd November followed by Mercury on the 25th November both of these will conjunct the outgoing South Nodes of the Moon in Sagittarius – a send off of sorts. The Sun & Mercury will conjunct on 29th November bringing some optimism and hopefulness, for others risk taking moves for a brighter future.
The 2022 Year Ahead for all Asc & Sun Signs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_NR5ppkECOI&t=278s
The Night & Morning Sky: Mercury reaches its highest point in the morning sky
On 13th Nov the Moon will be close by Venus and in the Night Sky: Mars, Jupiter and Saturn can be seen brightly shining together giving hope to new structures for our future.
December: has a final eclipse in Sagittarius a New Moon on 4th December & a Venus retrograde.
Venus retrograde (conjunct Pluto) on 19th December Link to full video with Asc/Sun Signs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MOa9DyFjByo&t=1923s
And Saturn squares Uranus again for the last time in 2021- a bell ringer for sure on Christmas Eve.

Astrology Forecasts 2022 for all Signs

North Nodes in Taurus: 0:39, Jupiter conjunct Neptune in Pisces: 4:37, Sabian Symbol for Jupiter conjunct Neptune: 10:03, General 2022 Astro Forecast: 11:00, Intro to Sun/Ascendants forecast: 27:34 Aries: 30:00 , Taurus: 35:21 , Gemini: 38:48 , Cancer: 41:50 , Leo: 46:44 , Virgo: 49:19 , Libra: 52:43 , Scorpio: 57:41 , Sagittarius: 1:03:10 , Capricorn: 1:07:00 , Aquarius: 1:10:25 , Pisces: 1:16:00 .
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General Overview:
On 19th January 2022 the North Nodes of the Moon of our collective destiny is at 29 degrees Taurus marking a 1.5-year time period where Taurus & Scorpio (where the South Nodes of the Moon are visiting) exert their influence on our banking systems, real estate, and investments. Pluto provides an easy trine to the North Node and opportunities to let go with the sextile to the South Nodes of the Moon. Our eclipses for 2022 will occur in both of these signs making Taurus & Scorpio up for major changes in their respective destiny paths. With both Jupiter & Neptune in Pisces we could see Pisces folks have some significant breakthroughs & for Virgos their partners may have some spiritual growth.
In January Mercury retrograde in Aquarius makes its way back to Capricorn where it goes direct at 24 degrees Capricorn on 21 Feb at 22 degrees Aquarius, following behind the Venus retrograde that started in Dec 2021 at 26 degrees Capricorn conjunct Pluto and ended at 11 Capricorn end of Jan 2022. Pluto is at 25 to 28 degrees of Capricorn all of 2022 reigniting the Venus retrograde that started at 26 Capricorn. Venus can mean money and Pluto can suggest Big Money or transformation of money. This could be the year where we see tangible evidence of changes in how we use currency to buy and trade. In February Pluto trines the North Nodes in Taurus. March 2022 has Venus and Mars conjunct in Capricorn both conjunct Pluto on the 3rd of March then continue to conjunct for a few days in Aquarius. In April we have Mars conjunct Saturn in Aquarius followed by Jupiter conjunct Neptune in Pisces on. Eclipse season starts on 30th April with a New Moon at 10 Taurus. . Then in May 2022 Mercury goes retrograde at 4 Gemini then goes direct at 26 Taurus (forming a nice trine with Pluto). This is coupled with a Total Eclipse Full Moon at 25 Scorpio on 16th May which sextiles Pluto, the Sun conjuncts the North Nodes. In June 2022 Venus conjuncts Uranus in Taurus – surprising events around our money and what we value. In July we have the Sun trine the North Nodes of the Moon & Uranus a little more widely. We end July on 31 July with Mars conjunct both Uranus and the North Nodes of the Moon. August, we have a lengthy conjunction of Uranus at 18 degrees Taurus conjunct the North Nodes of the Moon. Neptune will sextile Pluto. Notably, the Sun will square both these points on the 11th of August. In September Mercury goes retrograde at 8 degrees Libra and direct at 24 degrees Virgo in October. The Sun will trine Uranus at 18 degrees Virgo. Saturn retrograde will square Uranus within a degree but exactly on 1 October. In October we have Mercury going direct, Pluto going direct & Saturn. Jupiter retrograde makes its way once again to Pisces 29 degrees (critical degree). In November Mars goes retrograde at 25 degrees Gemini. Early November both Mercury & Venus will conjunct the South Node of the Moon in Scorpio. There is a Full Moon Total eclipse at 16 degrees Taurus exactly conjunct Uranus on 8th Nov 2022.
Mercury & Venus will conjunct at 4 degrees Sagittarius on 20th November activating the Sagittarius Full Moon eclipse at 5 degrees Sagittarius on 26th May 2021. Mars retrograde in Gemini will square Neptune in Pisces 19-23 Nov 2022. December has Venus sextile Saturn at the beginning of the month. And sees the final 2022 Mercury retrograde at 24 degrees Capricorn on 29 December (going direct at 8 degrees on 18 Jan 2023). Venus will conjunct Pluto on 31 Dec 2022 this could bring in transformational love or obsessive love.
2022 Year Ahead for Sun/Ascendant Signs
The Signs most affected in 2022 will be: Taurus & Scorpio followed by Pisces & Capricorn in the later degrees 24 to 28 (with Pluto, Mercury & Venus retrogrades exerting a big transformational effect).
Link for Jupiter in Pisces: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VHoBy3lzjgk
Link for North Nodes in Taurus: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yo3EUkktHO0