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September 2017

New Moon in Virgo 27 Virgo 27

10:29 PM Pacific Time 19 September 2017This New Moon in Virgo brings us many planets now in Virgo! Mercury conjuncts Mars- both of which are opposite Neptune in Pisces.

August 2017

Full Moon Pisces 13 Pisces 53

6 September 2017 - 12:02 Pacific Time. The big standout aspect is the ruler of Pisces, Neptune, now retrograde, is conjunct to this Full Moon in Pisces. Making this a dreamy, emotional time potentially fraught with some deception (from others or, ourselves). Dreams may reveal much to you.

July 2017

New Moon in Leo 0 Leo 44

2:46 a.m. Pacific time 23 July 2017 So, Mars is still in the headlines, now in creative, royal Leo, joining the Sun and Moon (remember a New Moon is when the Sun and Moon are conjunct...

June 2017