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May 2021

April 2020

April 2019

Full Moon in Libra

Full Moon in Libra 29 Libra 24 19 April 2019 4:13 am PDT The Moon is in Libra for the 2nd time in a row as a Full Moon. It is at a critical degree of [...]

March 2019

New Moon in Aries 15 Degrees 17 minutes

New Moon in Aries 15 degrees Aries 17 minutes 5 April 2019 1:52 a.m. PDT Subscribe to FB for daily posts & Instagram @elpisastrology Energy, like Spring, is coming up everywhere! This is a very [...]

New Moon Pisces

New Moon Pisces 6 March 2019 8:04 a.m. PST Neptune rules this New Moon as it is the planet associated with Pisces. The glyph is a trident and it depicts a chalice of the Moon [...]

February 2019

Full Super Moon in Virgo

Full Super Moon in Virgo 0 degrees Virgo 42 minutes 19 February 2019 7:54 am PST This is both an ending and beginning for Virgos as it is a Full Moon and it is at [...]