Full Moon in Cancer

22 December 2018

9:48 pm PST

0 Cancer 49

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Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year 2019!

The Moon in Cancer is opposite the Sun in Capricorn where we have Saturn and Pluto joining the Sun.  Incidences in the world around those fighting for the ‘right’ being squashed by those with the ‘might’. A rising up of those not being cared for by their country. This Moon in Cancer is ruled by the “Moon” so, there’s an extra importance at this Full Moon around the ‘Mother Country’. Cancer is a water sign emphasizing sympathy and there’s a tendency to pick up the vibes around us too. This could lead to misinterpreting what you are feeling but, intuition may be running high. For those that experience negative events at this Full Moon remember, ‘this too shall pass’.

This Full Moon exerts for Christmas a warm, nurturing, mothering, love of home, type of tone.

The North Nodes of the Moon of destiny is also in Cancer at the other end of the sign, at 26 degrees Cancer. This has us questioning, am I self-nurturing (or do I constantly put others before myself), where do I feel safe? Where is my home? For sure, ‘who makes me feel nurtured, safe and at home’.  Uranus squares the North and South Nodes of the Moon. Chiron trines the North Nodes and sextiles the South Nodes of the Moon. A lovely healing energy centered around the home and nurturing feelings. A great time to look after yourself through a massage, being primped and having friends and family entertained in your home. Mars loosely trines the North Node and sextiles the South Nodes of the Moon providing energy and opportunities for the healing energy to be nurtured.

Mercury conjuncts Jupiter, both in Sagittarius. Sun trine Uranus, out of the ordinary thinking. Surprises may pop up when you least expect it. Maybe that gift under the tree is going to be a real surprise. Maybe that mistletoe kiss is more than ‘just’ a kiss! Collectively, broadening our understanding of the Universe, maybe even making some discovery in the Universe.  Sun squares Chiron- our wounds are obviously exposed but, also ready to be healed. Meditation, connecting with the Universe, source, god…all may help with this healing. Venus is in the last degrees of Scorpio and forms a trine with Neptune. Neptune is the higher octave of Venus – together this is a very intense but romantic aspect that lends itself to meeting a twin flame. Compassion rules, along with making beautiful music! Relationships can have a strong spiritual component where you feel you’ve met your soulmate. Time will tell if this is really real.

Sabian Symbol for 1 Cancer

On a ship, sailors lower an old flag and raise a new one.(1) p 110-11

Here we see the direct act of letting an old way go and a new one chosen. I think this speaks directly to Brexit and the British people choosing who rules them. Other countries, like France and other suppressed countries; the people are not just speaking, they are taking action.


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