Full Moon in Libra

29 Libra 24

19 April 2019

4:13 am PDT

The Moon is in Libra for the 2nd time in a row as a Full Moon. It is at a critical degree of 29 degrees Libra. This tells us that all things Libran are coming to a climax and conclusion. Libra rules relationships and friendships, our social graces, the law, the rules that are law and beauty. We look to Venus which is the planet ruling Libra (and Taurus) and we see she is at 28 degrees of dreamy, romantic, possibly deluded, Pisces. It really depends how high your vibration is operating. Pisces can be the deceptive individual or the compassionately inspired. Love wants to express its self at the highest possible level but, unless you truly are in that realm it could dissipate into a dream of the perfect love relationship instead.

Venus squares a retrograde Jupiter suggesting you want the easier side of Venus with everything coming to you and if it requires effort you may turn away and look to easier ways to fulfill your longings. The Full Moon quincunx Venus making relationships awkward and potentially exasperating. Venus conjunct Chiron speaks to the ability of love to heal you and others. It asks us to tend to ourselves gently and let others fend for themselves. Be kind to you. Maybe book a massage or a day of pampering- all this will work well with the Full Moon energies. The Libra Moon opposes Uranus in Venus ruled Taurus. I see this as the “heart wants what the heart wants”. No amount of intellectualizing is going to change this.

As this is a Full Moon representing endings and it is at the final degree of Libra signaling endings this could be an ending for a relationship or friendship. This Moon trines the domestic Goddess, Juno- maybe cooking a wonderful meal for either yourself or you and your loved one would give great pleasure. Alternatively, going to that wonderful restaurant with first class service and food would go down well. This effect can spill into the weekend as the Full Moon is on a Friday, Pacific Time. Difficulties with women may crop up; handling this with grace but firmness is the best behavior.

Mercury conjunct Chiron exactly and Venus widely. Maybe this is the time when you ‘have the talk’. It will provide a welcome release.

Saturn plays a big part in this Full Moon in Libra by forming a sextile to Neptune, conjunct Pluto, conjunct the South Nodes of the Moon and opposing the North Nodes of the Moon of our destiny. It is time to be serious about our dreams and how they play into the destiny path we need to get on. Paramount to this will be accepting that some toxic and outdated, outworn situations, people, things need to be left behind now. Or, if you stick your head in the sand, the Universe will come along and help release you. This may smart a little but, soon the real positive side of this will become apparent. Happy Easter on 21st April!!!!

On the 22nd April the Sun conjuncts Uranus in Taurus- the big reveal! Life is very upbeat and exciting. Your mind may be racing a mile a minute with fabulous ideas. Surprises and unexpected meetings of the mind are highly possible this day. Enjoy!

Pluto stations retrograde on 24thApril followed by Saturn stationing retrograde on 30thApril. Time to assimilate all the ‘wake up’ & ‘shake up’ calls over the past few months. A day we take the decision to let go of obligations that belong in the past and look to the obligations we ‘do’ want to take onboard.


Sabian Symbol for 30 degrees of Libra

“Three mounds of knowledge” (1)

This refers to direct experience with society, relationships & cultural values. You will ask: What have I learned especially as it relates to relationships & friendships? It is being real with yourself as it applies to your direct experience. The number 3 symbolizes completion. There is a finality around this Full Moon in Libra. The truth is not only out there, it is in your face.



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