//Full Moon in Pisces 3 Pisces 12

Full Moon in Pisces 3 Pisces 12

Sunday 26 August 2018 4:57 a.m. PDT

The Full Moon itself does not form any negative aspects with the universe but has a lovely sextile to Saturn retrograde and Uranus retrograde, as well as a quincunx to the North Nodes of the Moon in Leo. It’s not time to completely change the mold but time to try and understand how you can break up old structures, pick up the pieces and create a new masterpiece with the same ingredients. What does your future look like to you? A breakthrough in communicating with outer space (Uranus)?

Some opportunities to form new high-level spiritual love contacts that will manifest on or around 6th September 2018. This is your time to connect with source, the universe, god. Care with drugs and alcohol is advised as this is a Full Moon and indulgence in both or either could be an easy thing. Creating a beautiful final piece of music, art or perfecting a spiritual practice may be up for you and a great way to use this energy.

Mercury is direct on 18/19 August; yahoo! Mercury going direct at 14 degrees Leo, also squares Jupiter, quincunx Neptune, this is when we need to sort out the wheat from the chafe especially as it relates to love and expressing our authentic selves. Who and what is helping us do this? Some pondering required here.

Venus in Libra at 18 degrees Libra squares Pluto retrograde- I read this as reaching the end of the road in a relationship mainly love, but could be a friendship. Venus in Libra generally says: new relationships, the ones that work this time (for both parties).

The effect of Jupiter trine Neptune and sextile Pluto provides some very lovely, spiritual, high level love, compassionate energy that would be wise to draw upon…just so you feel good. This is an interesting 3 planet configuration. Both Jupiter and Neptune are high level spiritual and Pluto is all about power, transformation and destroying things that ‘need’ to transform. Pluto is also the mysteries of life (occult, astrology?).  Some inspirational music- creating or listening to it, may do wonders right now. Staring at our stars and planets above us will have added meaning. Mercury in Leo now direct forms a sextile to Venus providing lovely opportunities that may have been missed (for love) during the Mercury retrograde, or communications that went awry are clarified. Venus in the West when the Sun sets is very bright and inspiring along with Jupiter close to the Crescent Moon as it heads towards the Full Moon. Mars in the South East is also bright with an orange/red hue. Magical!

Saturn retrograde trines Uranus and squares Chiron- something needs to consider breaking up or self-implosion must happen to have some healing occur. It is like an open wound receives some proper dressing for healing.

Mars goes direct on 27th August the day after the Full Moon in Pisces. To me this is the universe giving the okay to ‘move forward’ or act or at least to formulate some concrete ‘plans’. This is the energy we need to put behind the engine to make things go forward. That Mars energy will be put to good use to put form and structure in place, once Saturn goes direct early September. Message: It is now time.

It’s what is beneath the water (Pisces Full Moon), that we ‘feel’ but don’t see that is important. All will be revealed, as one by one the planets that are retrograde go forward or direct. From there the puzzle pieces fall into place. When you get frustrated and even fearful or anxious take yourself up to the treetops in your mind and look down, meditate and ask for guidance. Catch yourself ruminating (going over and over old ground; what he did/said) – notice it- stop and look at something beautiful (a flower, a beautiful blue sky?) and then move throughout your day. This simple exercise will stop the negative energy you so need to let go of…so the positive energy can come through to work magic and miracles (we still have the Jupiter Neptune trine).

Sun trine Saturn trine Uranus- Grand Earth Trine provides a favorable way to become enlightened and inspirational (for all) and grounds the energy for use, to build something of value.

Pluto goes direct literally the end of September. Pluto has the ‘power’ to drive the engine (Mars now fully going forward in Aquarius and conjunct the South Nodes of the Moon). This is the final piece of the puzzle to drop into place. It truly will give us the power to change the past and move to the future. This could come in the form of powerful people, you gain your power, or you just take your power back and move forward to your destiny. So awesome! Mars will give us the courage to grab the brass ring.

Sabian Symbol for 4 degrees Pisces

Heavy Car traffic on a narrow isthmus linking two seashore resorts (1) p 270-71

The interaction of commerce with relaxation as in taking a holiday or vacation. In the original text they mention San Diego (where I live) as the “isthmus” in the title above; interesting. On the surface and intuitively, I feel that the whole collective has individually been going through a lot and maybe needs a holiday…get away from the day to day hub bub. I can relate to that! We must balance doing business with relaxing and enjoying ourselves.


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