March 2020 Astrology

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Time stamps:

Full Moon Virgo: 0.58

New Moon Aries: 1:48

Spring Equinox: 4:06

Saturn ingress to Aquarius: 8:19

Jupiter conjunct Pluto trine Venus: 9:10

Sabian Symbol: 13:36

The Astrological highlights for March 2020 include a Full Moon in Virgo on 9 March at 19 Virgo 37; Venus will conjunct Uranus bringing sudden new love in for some, money for others…and still others breaking up! Mercury stations direct the next day on 10 March at 28 Aquarius ushering in that breath of fresh air we need. The Spring Equinox is on 19 March at 9:13 PM on the Pacific Coast, 20 March for the East Coast. We have the Moon at 13 Aquarius emphasizing the air qualities – humanitarianism, marching to our own drum, scientific breakthroughs, doing the unusual & unexpected. Saturn is at the critical degree of 29 Capricorn 50 minutes! to Aquarius on 21 March until July 2020 then retrogrades back into Capricorn until Dec 2020. Mars conjunct Pluto on 23 March, powerful action, perhaps involving the military. The New Moon in Aries on the 24th March has the Sun and Moon squaring the North Nodes of the Moon in Cancer asking us: are you being nurtured? No? Then change what is not. But Venus sextiles Neptune bringing in highly romantic opportunities along with compassionate vibes to do the right thing. With Venus trine Mars on 29th March we have strong energy for love transforming our lives and/or people in power with money being generous to us. On the 30th Marching Saturn in Aquarius will be at the conjunction point of the Grand Conjunction of Jupiter & Saturn on 22 December this is a foreshadowing, signposts & messages for the new Jupiter Saturn cycle starting in Dec 2020.