//New Moon 15 Libra 48

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New Moon Libra 8:47 pm PDT, 15 Libra 48

New Moon in Libra on 8th October @ 8:47 pm PDT is at 15 degrees Libra 48 minutes. Libra is ruled by Venus and Venus is retrograde in Scorpio. This is a new start for all Librans. Libra is a relationship sign especially as it relates to the other and our interactions in society including our manners!

Mercury now in Scorpio opposes Uranus which squares the North and South Nodes within orb. Unexpected information about secrets or, information not yet revealed especially as it relates to sex and shared resources. Chiron retrograde at a critical degree 29 degrees Pisces is asking us to develop source, god the universe etc. into our spiritual selves and seek the highest level of being.

Saturn quincunxes the North Node, an annoying reminder: It’s time…to: grow up and be serious about the new you. Venus retrograde squares Mars- classically, this suggests an argument with your loved one but, it can also increase sexual tension.

The Sun and Moon squares Pluto; this encourages compulsive like behavior, obsessions but, positively it can allow us to look at these types of behavior and transform them. It can also indicate a power struggle. Oct 11th Mercury sextiles Uranus retrograde; this sets up some unique ways of thinking and expressing our self- it may be way outside the box (it doesn’t mean it’s wrong though). 16/17th October Mercury conjuncts Venus retrograde, this may set up a time when you speak to your past love or current love that is under review. Mercury trines Neptune setting up some lovely energy to create music and poetry or any of the arts. Uranus square the North and South Nodes of the Moon.

If you are feeling a little blue during this New Moon don’t despair- changes are happening to facilitate a better ‘relationship’ with others, better than it is now. Courage and belief in better days to come. It is always darkest before the dawn.

The Draconids Meteor Shower (from the Draco constellation) will be on around the New Moon, look to the North, North West and directly above you after the Sun sets. Hopefully, we’ll have more that 5 meteors per hour, every year is different. Here’s to clear skies. Venus is appearing at the horizon, looking West as she makes her way to the underworld.

Sabian Symbol for 16 degrees of Libra


Here we are looking at a ‘broken’ vessel, perhaps this is us physically or metaphorically. See this as a time of creative, positive reconstruction of something that was originally solid but lost it’s meaning in the ‘shape’ it was in the past. Look forward to constructing a better version of the original!


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