//New Moon in 15 Scorpio 11

New Moon in Scorpio

7 November 2018

8:01 a.m. PST

15 Scorpio 11

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This New Moon is intense but, it also provides a glimpse into the true beauty of that which lies below, once brought to the surface and polished it gleams, just like a diamond. Look to your chart to see where you have Scorpio. After all the hard work and lessons of Jupiter in Scorpio, light appears in the form of a new relationship or new realization of our true value. Your intuition and psychic perceptions will be high, so, listen to that voice inside. Our feelings will be front and center, pay attention to them. This also refers to that saying: The heart wants what the heart wants. This Moon/Sun trines Neptune and sextile Pluto- both are supporting aspects meant to provide inspiration, hope through the transformation we’ve just gone through. It may also mark a time where a truly transformational new beginning emerges with regards to your hopes and dreams. The arts are all favored at this time. The Moon and Sun will be holding hands in Scorpio with Jupiter at the critical degree of 29 degrees Scorpio exerting its final effort to uncover that what has been hidden in the deep recesses of our minds

Jupiter trines the North Node of the Moon now in Cancer at 29 degrees. Here we are getting our first illumination of our collective journey for the next 1.5 years. See where Cancer is in your chart, in some cases, it may traverse two houses. But this indicates the area of your life you should be developing, especially with respect to self-care, self-love/nurturing and putting you first, and, not relying/expecting others to do this for you. Cancer is known as a nurturing sign but, instead of giving this to others you are now being asked to care for you first. All Cancer Sun, Ascendant’s please note! For Capricorn this could be the opposite where a situation evolves that requires you to look after the other, most likely, your partner.

On Thursday 8th November Jupiter emerges triumphantly in inspirational, optimistic, Sagittarius at zero degrees along with the Moon a few hours later. Sagittarius is Jupiter’s home sign, so it will be extra potent here. See where this is in your chart, you may have extra luck for the next year in this area. Certainly, for Sagittarians and Geminis good luck and clear skies may follow you. Jupiter now in Sagittarius forms a quincunx to retrograde Uranus in Aries and trines Chiron, spreading healing energy and confidence for those seeking to independently follow their own path, knowing that it will provide for them. Uranus in the last degrees of Aries squares the North and South Nodes in Cancer/Capricorn, shaking up us a bit and bringing our focus on what needs tender loving care and nurturing within each of us. Conversely, it is pointing out that which must go; with Uranus this may jettison stuff, people, things and places out of your life!

Venus goes direct in Libra at 25 degrees and Mercury goes retrograde at 13 degrees Sagittarius the same day, 16th November. This is the last retrograde of the year, I promise. The purpose of this retrograde is to illuminate truth but, also radiate optimism and hope- as you live in your truth. Venus direct in Libra should bring harmony and balance to all relationships. The Mercury retrograde may cause some misunderstandings still…so, proceed carefully and mirror back what you think your partner/friend says so you are both on the same page. For those involved in courts or the law (Libra rules justice) this should mark a more cooperative time where you both can agree on the next steps. Venus will trine Mars; opportunities for smooth relationship vibes, where new partners may emerge, or friendships. Be open to fateful encounters that may nurture and support you long term.

In the night sky on 11th November witness a true ‘conjunction’ of a crescent Moon and Saturn as they link hands at dusk just above the horizon. Mercury and Jupiter twinkle just to the right of them. Enjoy!

Sabian Symbol for 16 degrees Scorpio

“A girl’s face breaking into a smile” (1) p201

This reflects our human state to show how happy we are by smiling- a unique human characteristic. With Jupiter going into Sagittarius just after this New Moon, optimism, hope and faith will return and all of us will be smiling.


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