New Moon in Aries

15 degrees Aries 17 minutes

5 April 2019

1:52 a.m. PDT

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Energy, like Spring, is coming up everywhere! This is a very energizing, hopeful, New Moon, where all possibilities seem likely. The days are longer, and the Sun seems to shine brighter with the earth warming up in the Northern Hemisphere (cooling down in the Southern Hemisphere). This is a new start for all Aries.

Dominating this New Moon in Aries is Pluto, Lord of the Underworld and relentless transformation conjuncts the South Nodes of the Moon also in Capricorn. My advice? If something is making its way out of your life, whether it is a relationship, person, thing or place? Let it go. This is for your highest good. Resistance is futile and could lead to an untenable situation in the future. Spring always brings us to thinking of cleaning things up for the coming year. Positive activities would be cleaning up your home, your burgeoning closet or drawers. As you do these easily achieved activities, you’ll find the more difficult psychological or emotional dead wood is easily seen. From there, meditating on the best way forward will be beneficial. Remember meditation can be something as simple as going for a solo walk around your neighborhood, forest, ocean, lake or stream. Try to get out into nature as best you can to mitigate the intensity surrounding this New Moon.

You will be all about ploughing new ground and going off in new directions, totally sure that you should be on a certain path. Incorporating a sense of helping those in need is highlighted. This is supported by Jupiter (Justice and Truth) forming a quincunx to the North Nodes of the Moon of our collective destiny. Individually, this may be a time we review our beliefs and values. It may meet with resistance from others but, knowing you are doing the right thing for you and those around you is important.

Saturn is within a 2-degree orb of conjuncting the South Nodes of the Moon too. Self-discipline may be a useful activity over the next while. You may also have the past (people, places and things) try to exert a powerful pull to keep you ‘in the past’. There are equally powerful pulls from the opposition of Saturn and the North Nodes of the Moon of our destiny. That destiny? It is calling you. Listen to what it is saying.

Mercury still conjuncts Neptune and, in turn, sextiles Saturn. Grasshopper may meet up with a very wise guru that helps him/her understand some mysterious workings of the universe. Inspirational messages, music or prose is favored at this time. Staying positive in your thoughts and connecting with source through your meditation could open-up some unseen vista for you. Enjoy the view!

Venus in Pisces casts a lovely, loving, compassionate, romantic hue that you want to share with others. Making music is notable at this time – however you read this.

For those waiting for a live video, watch out for videos on Instagram. I’ll be coming out with my main April video mid-April. Please check out my FB page where an Astrological post is put up almost every day.

Sabian Symbol for 16 degrees of Aries


Here we have our individual intuition at play to lead us to open our minds, our thoughts to connecting with a higher source and trusting that truth will come to us. Spirits in the Universe are conspiring to make our dreams come true; trust this. As the sun sets during the days around this New Moon you are asked to connect with those spirits by focusing on what you truly want.


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