//New Moon in Virgo 9 Sept 2018

New Moon in Virgo 9 Sept 2018

The energy is always practical with a moon in Virgo. Just don’t spend too much time in your head. Lay out the steps on the path to your new life that has been piecemeal till now. At the end of the month when Pluto goes direct you’ll have the ‘power’ to really manifest this. New ideas around health especially as it relates to diet and exercise may come up! You may decide to try out a new way of consuming your food, maybe you’ll try going all raw.

Venus at 0 degrees Scorpio is passionate and deep. Opposition to Uranus, determining your worth, your values- what do you value, what is your worth? Instant attraction in love? Love at first sight for instance. Venus will traverse the ground Jupiter has tilled. We also have a Venus retrograde (mainly in Scorpio) in October, watch for what comes up now around values, value of self and money. How is the power of attraction working for you? Valuing yourself in turn has the universe given value back to you (perhaps in the form of more money).

Pluto 18 Capricorn 51 retrograde says you may need some transformation of your habits especially nutrition, health and exercise. It will be an inner resolve and transformation of your ideas around health that you’ll apply to be a healthier ‘you’.

Jupiter 18 Scorpio sextiles New Moon & Sun in Virgo; practical use of? Expanding the details in life with our emotions that we’ve been examining for some time. With Pluto added in to this mix, it will add more intensity to deal with practical things…maybe you’ll get inspired to declutter your closet or home.

The Sun/Moon opposes Neptune- surrender? Or martyr. Better to let something go. It can create some confusion or smoke and mirrors or wrestling with the higher spiritual side of life and trying to bring this down to a practical, human level. It may not work…you may have to Trust the universe and let go of work work work. Take care with alcohol and drugs at this time both could affect you adversely.

Mars now direct is at 29 degrees Capricorn, a significant degree point says: take the risk, leap! Courage to go for what you want, truly, want. Decision time. Coupled with Saturn now direct; it is truly time. But…take the time…to put a plan together. Pay attention to the details. Maybe create a draft at the New Moon with the idea of finalizing in the days following it.

Grand trine in Earth still in effect. Mercury 6 Virgo trine Uranus 2 Taurus trine Saturn at 2 Capricorn. The building blocks of your cherished dream is coming together right in front of your eyes!

Sabian Symbol for 17 degrees Virgo

“A Volcanic Eruption” (1) p 161

Powerful energies being released! To me, this speaks to what has been brewing ‘inside’ of us now manifests outwardly, in a most dramatic way. This ties in nicely with the New Moon in Virgo forming a trine to transformational Pluto- asking us to make new powerful, changes that have only been thoughts (Virgo) till now. The real evidence may come in the form of powerful people wanting to help us, taking our power back, or being given power (be the good Queen or King).


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