26 April 2017
5:16 am Pacific time

The New Moon in Taurus keeps the action alive regarding relationships as Venus rules Taurus (along with Libra). It is unaspected but there is action with other planets lending an air of getting grounded in a new reality especially as it applies to relationships.

Mercury conjunct Uranus in go get ’em Aries is ‘electrifying’ communication and both are trining Saturn in Sagittarius. Collectively and individually some surprising messages will be communicated – all in relation to a new reality. Venus, now going forward will enter back on the Aries path on 29th April bringing her ‘A’ game to loving herself and others…only if they are worthy of her affections.

'We have the destiny dictating North Nodes of the Moon due to enter Leo officially on 10 May; I think the influence of this point is already in effect. To sum up: All Change! Yells the conductor at the train station. Get ready to do things differently. And…wow, maybe, even have some fun being creative and lounging in the lap of Love!'

Venus at 29 degrees Pisces squares Saturn at this New Moon in Taurus, there will be some adjustment needed with this new Venusian pioneer; in love, money, or both! Venus also conjuncts Chiron lending some healing powers to all those falling under her brash charm.

Sabian Symbol for 7 degrees Taurus

“The woman of Samaria at the ancestral well”1 p. 73-74

This pays homage to the time Jesus revealed who he really was (for the first time) to someone from a despised tribe and unmarried woman. It emphasizes the entry of new energy accepted over the old. This works nicely with the message of the New Moon in Taurus of being grounded in a new reality.


  1. Rudhyar, D. An Astrological Mandala: The Cycle of Transformations and its 360 Symbolic Phases. Vintage Books Edition, 1974. Toronto: Canada.
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