Total Eclipses in Sagittarius May & Dec 2021 Astrology
Time stamps: Full Moon Total Eclipse in Sagittarius: 3:02, New Moon Total Eclipse in Sagittarius: 10:44, Meaning for each sign: Sagittarius: 17:22, Capricorn: 19:02, Aquarius: 22:01, Pisces: 23:44, Aries: 25:38, Taurus: 27:22, Gemini: 28:57, Cancer: 30:21, Leo: 32:02, Virgo: 33:33, Libra: 35:03, Scorpio: 36:25.
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Two significant total eclipses mark the remainder of 2021 (although there are two other eclipses, one in Gemini opposite Sagittarius, in June & one in Taurus in November which heralds the beginnings of the transiting North Nodes going into Taurus, officially January 2022).
The Full Moon Total Eclipse in Sagittarius brings something to an end, favorably, or not. This is a time of placing Reason VS Revelation – here Sagittarius directs the process of growth with the facts! With the Sun in Gemini- this house is illuminated along with the opposite sign, where the Moon is, in Sagittarius. Look to your own chart to see where both of these signs lie – those are the houses or the areas of your life affected by this first eclipse. As the Sagittarius Moon conjuncts the transiting South Nodes of the Moon it asks us to let go…but equally, where we are to go instead, can ride shotgun right beside it. The Full Moon is at 5 degrees Sagittarius 25’ on 26th May 2021 at 4:14 a.m. PDT. The Gemini Sun illuminates the destiny path we are to consider and the Sagittarius Moon asks us to let go of things not working for us. The ruler of this eclipse is Jupiter now in Pisces & square this eclipse, which is considered a lucky planet so remember when you are feeling unsure at this time that this truly is for your best interest long term. That will more clearly be revealed at the New Moon Total Eclipse in Sagittarius in December 2021. Between May and December 2021 you’ll process the effects of the May Full Moon Eclipse and have people, places & things come in to slowly set up a whole new start. This is supported by the Moon in trine to Chiron in Aries- blazing a new, individual path is for our highest good and healing will follow.
The New Moon Total Eclipse in Sagittarius brings a hopeful, inspirational, optimistic panoramic view of our new life ahead. It is on 3rd December 2021 @ 12 degrees Sagittarius 22’ at 11:44 a.m. PST (a Friday). The Sun & Moon together in optimistic Sagittarius emphasizes aiming towards a bright new future. The birthdays exactly affected are 2,3, 4 December (Sagittarius Ascendants from 11-13 degrees) & 1-10th December widely (Sagittarius Ascendants from 8 to 18 degrees). The opposite sign, Gemini birthdays are from 2-6th June and 11-13 Gemini Ascendants. This is a time of optimism & risk taking for the future – there may be announcements around this – a teacher or preacher could emerge of significance too.
I talk in the video (time stamped for ease of access) about each of the Astrological Sun Signs and/or Ascendant for each of the Astrological Signs starting with Sagittarius & ending with Scorpio. Listen for your Ascendant first as it gives you the area of your life (house) that is directly affected, then your Sun Sign for a little more detail.