//Total Eclipse in Aquarius, Full Moon 4 Aquarius 44

Total Eclipse in Aquarius, Full Moon 4 Aquarius 44

27thJuly 2018

1:19 p.m. PDT

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This Total Eclipse Moon has Mars retrograde & South Nodes of the Moon conjunct it, the Sun, in Leo opposite it with the North Nodes conjunct the Sun. This is the final eclipse in Aquarius that was part of the series of Leo/Aquarius eclipses.  This is one of the longest eclipses of this century. We have two more eclipses in Leo (August 2018 & January 2019). Check out my mid-July video on this eclipse here: https://elpisastrology.com/videos/

Overall, I feel this eclipse is asking us to put effort into letting go of things that do not serve us anymore. And, to bravely (Mars retrograde) believe in our authentic self (Leo Sun & Mercury) and, with love (Leo), let others know your uniqueness (Aquarius Moon). At the same time respect those unique individuals that surround you. Connect with source, your higher self & don’t let fear get in the way of creatively & authentically being you. Don’t be afraid to shine (Leo Sun), let the world enjoy the glow! Use this time wisely regarding letting “go” as the New Moon Eclipse in Leo on 11 August will provide you with ample new opportunities to shine (more on this next month). For sure let sleeping dogs lie. Frustration & anger may abound in you and around you. Learn to count to 10 and breathe deeply before taking unwise action.

Mercury is in Leo. This works in tandem with the eclipse to let people know…through your own voice, email, phone call, video; you pick. This is me, hear me roar!! Venus in reticent Virgo trines Pluto in Capricorn. This sets up a potential unrequited love situation for some individuals. It also provides energy to transform values & money in the collective. Saturn trines Uranus by one degree and exactly forms a trine on 13 August (I’ll talk more about that next month). This sets up the message: It is time to wake up! Shine your light for all the world to see & don’t be afraid of letting go…of the past.

Jupiter in Scorpio trines Neptune in Pisces provides lovely, soothing, background music akin to harps & violins. Beautiful energy that just makes us feel good. Benevolent things happening to us…and we in turn bestowing benevolence on others. Think: higher love! Combined with the eclipse we all should be reaching for the ‘real’ love we want, not what is fed to us from the outside world. Our heart knows.

Sabian Symbol for 5 degrees Aquarius

“A council of ancestors is seen implementing the efforts of a young leader”. P 252 (1)

Greatness (Leo the Lion, where the Sun is) can be achieved through established historical institutions or persons (as indicated here). Relating this to the eclipse and the involvement of both north and south nodes of the moon. I think this is asking us to keep the successful parts of our past and leverage that to lead you to your future path.


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  1. Elizabeth H July 22, 2018 at 3:05 pm - Reply

    Hi All, although I mentioned Mercury in Leo at this Eclipse on the 27 July I did not say that it went retrograde one day prior to the eclipse, 26 July!! Especially, for Leos (& Leo Ascendants) over the next few weeks use this time to re-think & re-strategize what truly makes your heart sing & how you are or aren’t expressing your authentic self. Shine on!

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