Total Lunar Eclipse in Leo, Full Moon

20 January 2019

0 degrees 51 minutes

9:16 pm PST

This is the last Leo eclipse in this series of eclipses between Leo and Aquarius…yet, it is at the first degree of Leo. This suggests a new beginning even though this Total Eclipse is a Full Moon in Leo- which would normally mean endings. Not that those aren’t going to happen. I feel this is about a breakout moment for those reaching for the brass ring. You could also feel the effects 6 months prior to 20 Jan 2019- so, July 2018. Leo asks us to express our creative, authentic self with joy and love. For those not willing to pay attention to the nudges they’ve been receiving since last year? Well, the Universe will usher in the changes for you – this is backed up with the unexpected, Uranus energy which will also speed things up! You could feel all excited and jittery at the same time. Plan for some downtime to process what is pinging inside you. Eclipses, especially Full Moon’s can reveal secrets or things being revealed to you that were previously hidden. This could just as easily be the scales fall from your eyes and you ‘truly see’ what your life is about. Perhaps an epiphany; that ah ha moment.

The Moon squares Uranus and trines Chiron. This suggests emotional upheaval that is cathartic. Uranus plays a big part in this Eclipse increasing the intensity and providing more electricity, maybe even, eccentricity to play out in some folks’ lives. Unexpected surprises will be the hallmark of this eclipse up to 6 months post eclipse- read as: July 2019. Many folks will make big decisions probably based on a lot of thinking regarding whether they are on the right path. Are they truly expressing who they authentically are through their job, relationships, friends? Some will just ‘know’ this is the time to take the risk and take the path that has been calling out to them forever. Leo rules the heart, our inner essence so, I would caution for those that may have some health issues come up to take note to get them checked out promptly. Leo also rules the Sun and having fun and joy- many will ask are they having fun and joy in their life? Many will say: no and want to change it.

Wide conjunction of the North node at the last degrees of Cancer and opposite South nodes in Capricorn respectively suggests that collectively, this is a destiny turning point no doubt about it. With Mercury conjunct South Nodes and opposite the North Nodes and squares Uranus widely will have many individuals renouncing their past life and reaching for what they feel they are destined for- there may be sudden out of the blue announcements.

Venus now in Sagittarius trines Mars in Aries and conjuncts Jupiter- all tight orbs and square Neptune. This creates an optimistic, inspiring backdrop where you feel the sky’s the limit, you really can make your dreams come true! New love may blossom right along with this aided by the Moon in Leo’s connection with romance. Mars trine Jupiter provides the easy energy to reach for the stars but square Saturn in Capricorn we may be asked to work hard and be real about those dreams. Doesn’t mean you can’t or won’t achieve them.

Jupiter square Neptune has us doubting ourselves and wondering if you can trust. The key is to trust the universe, your inner satellite guidance but reach out to others you trust to confirm. This energy is provided with compliments from Saturn sextile Neptune exact. Uranus square North Node and South Nodes potentially clearing away our old way of doing things (day after day) and poof putting you on the path of destiny (where you are supposed to be).

Astronomy of the Total Lunar Eclipse.A total lunar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes completely through the Earth’s dark shadow, or umbra. During this type of eclipse, the Moon will gradually get darker and then take on a rusty or blood red color. The eclipse will be visible throughout most of North America, South America, the eastern Pacific Ocean, western Atlantic Ocean, extreme western Europe, and extreme western Africa (quoted from NASA website). (NASA Map and Eclipse Information)

And if the Total Eclipse wasn’t enough, we have:

On January 22 a conjunction of Venus and Jupiter.A conjunction of Venus and Jupiternwill be visible on January 22; the build-up starts many days earlier if you want to follow the progression of these two bright planets. The two bright planets will be visible within 2.4 degrees of each other in the early morning sky. Look for this impressive sight in the southeast just before sunrise. To me this is hard evidence, in the sky reminding us that golden opportunities are there for us all.

Rumi’s quote: This is the subtle truth: whatever you love you are. This is truly a time to discover what you truly love.

Sabian Symbol for 1-degree Leo

“Blood rushes to a man’s head as his vital energies are mobilized under the spur of ambition” (1) p 131-32

Leo represents Solar Fire the rising of energy from the heart to the head- “energy erupts into the field of consciousness”. We will all feel a collective rush of reaching for our own brass ring through the fears and doubts as we realize where our destiny truly lies.


  1. Rudhyar, D. An Astrological Mandala: The Cycle of Transformations and its 360 Symbolic Phases.Vintage Books Edition, 1974. Toronto: Canada.