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June 2021 Astrology
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Time Stamps: New Moon Annular Gemini Eclipse: 2:47, Full Moon in Capricorn: 10:10, ahead for July: 12:33.
June starts of with the Gemini Sun conjunct the transiting North Nodes of the Moon marking a time of destiny. Venus, planet of love, money & values will be in Cancer beautifying all that it touches. Safety & security will still reign but so will feeling nurtured and comfy, cozy in our homes. There may be lots of talking, socializing, collecting information. The media may be spouting all sorts of theories regarding where the world is going. Take that with a grain of salt. A New Moon Annular eclipse occurs on the 10th June at 19 degrees Gemini 47’ at 3:54 a.m. PDT & is conjunct Mercury- highlighting important communications collectively & individually. Venus squares Chiron
potentially creating some discord with love or money. Mars is opposite Pluto giving lots of drive for power and control. Take care with driving and getting angry and upset – individually we will be more prone to be trigger happy. Use this great energy to push ahead on individual plans. Saturn starts getting into position of squaring Uranus asking us to embrace the needed changes. Saturn trine the transiting North Nodes of the Moon lends a favorable energy making it much easier to create new structures.
Saturn at 13 degrees Aquarius exactly squares Uranus at 13 degrees Taurus on 15th June 2021. There are three of these squares throughout 2021 promoting creative change – taking the old and making something better. Check to see where both these planets are in your chart & where it is asking for change.
On the 20th of June Summer Solstice arrives – this is when the Sun is at zero degrees of Cancer. This year it occurs at 8:33 p.m. PDT & trines Jupiter. Jupiter notably goes retrograde at 2 degrees of Pisces @ 7:30 a.m. PDT. Emphasizing activities & events around the Jupiter in Pisces time period of 2021. The Moon is at 9 Scorpio and is widely opposite Uranus at 13 Taurus. Venus forms a loving, compassionate, dreamy trine with Neptune. Mars in Leo spells “Fun” times ahead. Saturn provides opportunities to pave a new path ahead with it’s sextile to the transiting North Nodes of the Moon in Gemini.
Shortly after, on 22nd June, Mercury goes direct at 16 degrees Gemini. Finally communications slowly get cleared up.
On the 24th June there is a Full Moon at 3 degrees Capricorn @ 11:39 a.m. PDT. The Moon sextiles Jupiter & the Sun trines Jupiter creating some optimistic, inspiring views of the future. It may also have some lucky events occur in foreign lands. An intense Venus opposite Pluto adds a little friction potentially & from a mundane standpoint this could be tension in the homeland.
In the night sky: Venus is now an evening star most of the rest of 2021. Look West after sunset and gaze on a very bright star shimmering away- that is the planet Venus. Next month, July has Venus conjunct Mars in Leo – can we say: “Let’s Party”?! mid-month, a New Moon in Cancer and Full Moon in Aquarius.
Please take good care of yourselves – sending you lots of love.

May Astrology 2021
Time stamps: New Moon in Taurus: 2:56, Full Moon Total Eclipse in Sagittarius: 8:24, Jupiter ingress to Pisces: 3:43, Mercury retro in Gemini: 14:44, Ahead for June: 16:20.
For a personal Astrological reading of your chart go to my services tab (Services – Elpis Astrology – Elizabeth Huston) & then email me your DOB, time and place please
May is marked by our first Eclipse which is a Full Moon Total Eclipse at 5 degrees Sagittarius, a New Moon in Taurus, a Mercury Retrograde in Gemini, Saturn & Pluto go retrograde & Jupiter ingresses into Pisces for a short while! A month packed with change & illuminations.
Venus in Taurus trines Pluto on 6th May setting up some transformational & powerful energy for love and money. On the 11th & 12th May Mars in Cancer forms a sextile with surprise changes, Uranus in Taurus setting up the board for action with regards to our safety & security- igniting our compassionate side, for others, some heated exchanges in the home.
The New Moon at 21 degrees Taurus marks the start of a whole new year for all Taureans. We want to enjoy the good life at this new moon.
Jupiter ingresses into Pisces from 14th May through 28th July 0 to 2 degrees Pisces, then returns to go through all of Pisces the first half of 2022. Pisces birthdays affected in 2021 are: 19 & 29th Feb or 0 to 2 degrees Pisces Ascendant, Virgo birthdays are 23 & 24 August and 0 to 2 degrees Virgo Ascendant.
Venus conjunct the North Nodes of the Moon in Gemini setting up a new signpost for our collective monies. For others, destiny calls in love, money & values. Venus goes on to sextile Saturn on 20th May solidifying our money plans for saving or working (harder) and enduring relationships abound.
Our first eclipse of the year happens on 26th May at 4:14 a.m. PDT at 5 Sagittarius 25 minutes. The Sun in Gemini conjuncts the North Nodes of the moon and opposes the South Nodes of the Moon – we are encouraged to change our philosophies & opinions, our beliefs and aim at something encompassing others’ viewpoint. Venus conjunct Mercury in Gemini suggests ‘talk’ about our money and values and how we need to incorporate the ‘other’ not just selfishly promote our own view. Jupiter will be in Pisces at this point too promoting peace, love & compassion. Mercury square Neptune has the media spinning us a story and fogging up our glasses so we cannot see the truth. We end the year 4 Dec 2021 with a final New Moon Total Eclipse in Sagittarius which really ‘will’ spill the tea about the truth.
We end the month of May with a Mercury retrograde on 29th May starting at 24 degrees and ending at 16 degrees Gemini on 22nd June. This is a classical Mercury retrograde with all communications going awry – you are forewarned! With the Solar Flares activation too- literally communications could be knocked out on earth (at least temporarily).

The astrology for June 2021 includes: a New Moon Eclipse at 19 degrees Gemini & Jupiter retrogrades at 2 degrees Pisces.
Take care, much love
Link to Jupiter in Pisces: (1) Jupiter in Pisces 2021 All Astrological Signs! Hope, compassion, miracles & magic – YouTube
Link to Mercury retrograde in Gemini (and all 2021 Mercury & Venus retrogrades: Mercury Retrograde in Air Signs and Venus in Capricorn Retrograde in 2021 – YouTube

North Nodes of the Moon in Taurus & South Nodes of the Moon in Scorpio (although in Indian Astrology they are called Rahu and Ketu respectively)
19 January 2022 to 17 July 2023
For a personal Astrological reading of your chart go to my services tab (Services – Elpis Astrology – Elizabeth Huston) & then email me your DOB, time and place please
Birthday Years when North Nodes of the Moon were in Taurus: 29 Dec 1928 to 7 July 1930, 29 Mar 1952 to 9 Oct 1953, 20 Feb 1966 to 19 Aug 1967, 12 Sept 1984 to 6 Apr 1986, 15 Apr 2003 to 26 Dec 2004, 19 Jan 2022 to 17 July 2023. The Nodal return happens every 18.6 years. The Nodes move through the zodiac signs backwards. APOLOGIES: I INADVERTENTLY SAID ON THE VIDEO THAT 2015 WAS A YEAR TOO- IT WAS NOT.
Time Stamps: Taurus: 28:55, Scorpio:32:56, Aries: 38:41, Gemini: 41:02, Cancer: 44:07, Leo: 46:15, Virgo: 48:39, Libra: 51:07, Sagittarius: 54:00, Capricorn: 57:22, Aquarius: 1:00:24, Pisces: 1:03,
Meaning of Taurus/Scorpio Axis: Both are Fixed, one Earth and the other Water and are Yin or receptive. Taurus rules the 2nd house (Venus) and Scorpio rules the 8th house (Planets: Mars & Pluto)Change can be overcome by being receptive to it. This axis is about security, control, values/worth, life, death, love, sext. And living through the senses especially all aspects of Nature (think gardening) to stabilize the ‘self’. If requires you to be patient even though others may be stubborn. There can be obsessive thoughts and intuition runs high. For those directly affected you can expect some karmic events around your destiny to appear in the form of people (coming or going), places, things especially relating to deep intimacy.
Remember that by transit, Uranus is also in Taurus brining in the element of surprise, unexpected events, and unusual people/things.
Notable Events during the North Nodes in Taurus Sojourn: One of the biggest is 1 to 10 Aug 2022 when Mars conjuncts Uranus and the North Nodes of the Moon at 18 degrees Taurus.6-16 Feb 2022 Pluto trines the North Nodes of the Moon in Taurus at 27 degrees. This may herald real changes in our money markets. A combo of Jupiter and Neptune on 9-10 Apr 2022 that forms a trine and sextile to the South then North Noes of the Moon respectively with them both forming a sextile to transformational Pluto. Two total Full Moon Eclipses feature one on 16th May 2022 at 25 Scorpio 18 and 8th Nov 2022 at 16 Taurus and conjunct Uranus- wow, that is a power packed eclipse for unexpected change and shakeups! Listen to the full list on the video.

Time Stamps: New Moon in Aries: 2:57 , Full Moon in Scorpio: 12:34, The Night Sky: 16:45, Preview of May Moons: 17:30.
For a personal Astrological reading of your chart go to my services tab (Services – Elpis Astrology – Elizabeth Huston) & then email me your DOB, time and place please
The first of April has Venus sextile the North Nodes of the Moon & Mars conjuncting them, Saturn will trine them! The sun sextiles Saturn- this all speaks to setting up and setting down enduring structures that will aid us on our destiny especially as it relates to money, love & values (especially of self). The 6th of April has Venus in Aries sextile Mars in Gemini- great for making new friends and diplomatic relations- being nice & tactful with others pays off!
The New Moon is at 22 degrees Aries 24 on 11th April @ 7:31 pm PDT. Venus at 26 degrees Aries conjuncts this but squares Pluto. Great new start in love &/or money that transforms these areas. Mercury in Aries suggests you may have to make some quick decisions too. Venus in Aries hovers around the Sun and is therefore invisible. We may be more prone to hide our beauty, love, values for some reason- especially for the first few days of April. Maybe you will be presenting a ‘new’ you post the New moon. Mars is active at this New Moon as it is in Gemini and trines Jupiter- thinking about things with two views in mind- debating, discussing are all on the table. The Sun squares Pluto at 26 degrees Capricorn on 16th April- this degree point is where Pluto will go retrograde on 27th April…and, where Venus will go retrograde on 19th Dec 2021. An introspective examination of transforming: love, money & values (or all three). The 23rd of April has Venus conjunct Uranus but inconjunct Chiron in Aries suggesting a new love that requires an adjustment or new money that may have contingencies attached that you need to attend to.
The Full Moon in Scorpio is a Super Moon therefore closer to earth at 7 Scorpio 06 on 26th April @ 8:32 PDT. This may offer a prelude or preview to the South Nodes of the Moon in Scorpio (letting go of something) and the North Nodes in Taurus (embracing something) that will be activated in Jan 2022- I will be doing an extended video on this next- stay tuned.
Intuition will be activated as our Spidey senses are amped up. This is a time of intense feelings and unexpected surprises as the Sun conjuncts Uranus and the Moon opposes it. There will be a desire for stability and resistance to change for some. Scorpio try not to be possessive and obsessive as you will have a tendency for this. Instead turn inward and connect with your higher self- ask the Universe, what needs to go now. Could be a major psychological enlightenment for some too. A surprise ending could occur regarding a money issue for some.
The 30th of April has the exact Sun conjunct Uranus aspect heralding breakthroughs of any sort- big surprises, not necessarily bad ones. Earth events could feature including earthquakes.
In the sky: The Moon conjunct Mars on 17th April and the Lyrids Meteor Shower is from 21-22 April. Do not forget the Super Full Moon on 26 Aprils. May has a New Moon in Taurus and our first eclipse – a Full Moon, Total Eclipse at 5 degrees Sagittarius at the end of May- pay attention all Sagittarius & Geminis! More detail in my May 2021 Astro report.
Take good care, lots of love and joy, sprinkled with happiness!

March Astrology 2021
Time Stamps: New Moon in Pisces: 2:53, Full Moon in Libra: 11:22
For a personal Astrological reading of your chart go to my services tab (Services – Elpis Astrology – Elizabeth Huston) & then email me your DOB, time and place please

The sign Pisces is a big influence over March 2021- making things dreamy, romantic, lovely, some distortion. But mostly dissolving of things no longer wanted in our lives – just like the tide comes in and out we’ll feel things leaving and others coming in- with a gentle motion.
Jupiter conjunct Mercury on 3/4th March trines the North Nodes of the Moon in Gemini- expanding the “messaging” about our collective and personal futures. Setting up a new course direction will be so much easier now.
The New Moon in Pisces on 13th March is at 2:21 a.m. PST at 23 Pisces 03 & heralds 5 celestial bodies in the sign of Pisces. Venus approaches Neptune at this time forming an exact conjunction on 14th March at 20 degrees Pisces. Time to dream the dream- feel the romantic vibes all around. Spirituality seeps through our skin, connecting with the Universe dominates our thinking.
On the 17th the Sun sextiles Pluto offering up opportunities to wheel and deal with powerful people. We may get opportunities to exert our power too. The Venus goes on to sextile Pluto on 19th March- Beauty meets the Beast! Powerful transformational events and feelings that reach deep within our soul & heart. For some a soulmate meeting.
The 20th of March marks the Spring Equinox and the Astrological New Year where the Sun is at 0 (zero) degrees of Aries- listen to the birds singing and gaze at all the blossoming trees- Gaia is speaking tenderly to us all.
Venus goes into Aries on 22nd March heralding new beginnings in love for some Aries and the collective. A humanitarian call for action may send out hurried messages on 23rd March- compassion could rule the day unexpectedly. Mars conjunct the North Nodes of the Moon in Gemini puts all our words and thoughts into action as we courageously put our feel on a new destiny path.
Full Moon in Libra @ 11:48 am PDT at 8 degrees Libra 18 has the Sun/Chiron/Venus all conjunct= sexual healing possibilities for some – others some deep healing as we raise our expectations of our values. Love heals all. Saturn trine the North Nodes of the Moon and by association sextiles the South Nodes of the Moon. We may have wise people help us put new structure around our collective destiny as we have opportunities to let go of old beliefs and philosophies. The end of the month ha Mercury conjunct Neptune at 21 Pisces- for those who are sensitive- messages of Universal love – others will write or sing beautiful music- a great day to read poetry to your loved one.
In the Night Sky: The bright star Sirius can be seen by find Orion’s belt facing South early evening. Look to the left of this and a little further down the sky. Sirius formed the foundation of the Egyptian Calendar as the farmers awaited the floods and rains to nourish their crops.
Brady (1) says it can indicate a small action of the individual has a large effect on the collective. Princess Diana was born with Sirius culminating with her Sun. Look to see where 13 degrees Cancer 24 minutes falls in your chart!
Next Month: we have a New Moon in Aries trine Mars and a Full Moon in Scorpio with the Sun conjuncting Uranus and the Moon opposing (powerful times of deep transformation and great feelings)
Ambur’s YouTube Tarot site:
1. Brady, B. (1999). Brady Book of Fixed Stars. Red Wheel/Weiser

Jupiter in Pisces in 2021

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Time Stamps: Jupiter in Pisces: 3:50, Sasha: 10:41, Jupiter in Pisces History: 15:02, Pisces and Virgo birthdays affected in 2021: 17:00,  Pisces: 21:06, Aries: 24:22 , Taurus: 26:57 , Gemini: 29:35 , Cancer: 32:18 , Leo: 34:38 , Virgo: 37:35 , Libra: 41:03 , Scorpio: 44:12 , Sagittarius: 49:18 , Capricorn: 54:04 , Aquarius: 56:14.

Jupiter in Pisces lasts from 13 May @ 4pm PDT until 29 July where it goes back to Aquarius 29 degrees. It returns to the zero-degree Pisces on 30th Dec 2021. It goes from 0 to 2 + minutes (round up to 3 degrees). It is a mutable water sign, so it feels deeply but can also roll with the punches and change its mind if needed & be cooperative. The area of life (house) affected will give you a heads up in 2021 on the types of things, events, people that may come into your life more fully in 2022 when Jupiter is in Pisces for the whole year of 2022. Where abundance, expansion & growth will blossom.

Jupiter represents where we need to grow. Collectively in Pisces it is where we need to evolve our ‘consciousness’. There may be a focus on the metaphysical or life after death and the truth of this. Individuals may seek meaning in life (see my video link below). We will be less materially oriented seeking instead, Peace of Mind. Negatively we could be praying for change only…when “action” would be faster. It gives great compassion, but we need to remember to let others also be responsible for their respective lives too. Care with Guru worship- it will be strong at this time- we need to remember to take personal responsibility for our life and not hand this over to someone else. Jupiter represents small animals and government for all worldwide. Jupiter in Pisces can refer to addictions or codependency tendencies- if so, Jupiter will shine a bright light!

There will be an increase in the arts like music, dance, poetry, sculpting- anything artistic. Our intuition generally will be operating at a high level and sensitivity to others especially as Neptune is also in Pisces (it won’t be conjunct Jupiter until April 2022). We have a Full Moon total eclipse at 5 degrees Sagittarius that will square Jupiter in Pisces on 26th May highlighting where we need to look at our belief systems and change them. There is a lovely trine between Venus and Jupiter at 1 degree on 4th of June- true love for some and maybe a favorable change in our global money markets. We have a Saturn square Uranus and a Mercury trine Jupiter on the 13th of June- a break with tradition spelt out in a message to the world. Solstice is on 20th June and it will trine Jupiter- outstanding day for good luck and positive move forward in our safety security. On the 13th of July Mercury in Cancer will trine Jupiter- communicating with compassion and higher level of thinking will be encouraged- Perhaps some acknowledgement to all of those who have ‘nurtured’ us in 2020.  On the 22nd of July Venus opposes Jupiter retrograde – for some a love may return. It may also have us individually being more circumspect with our money (and who we love).

Birthdays most directly affected: any Pisces ascendant from 0 to 3 degrees Pisces and 0-3 degrees Virgo, the opposite sign. Pisces birthdays: 19th to 22nd Feb and Virgo birthdays 23-27 August.

The Sabian Symbol for 3 degrees Pisces (I picked the degree Jupiter goes retrograde and stops its influence in 2021)- “Petrified tree trunks lie broken on desert sand”. This speaks to preservation of enduring factors in whatever man attempts in his culture. p. 270 I felt this also supported the Saturn square Uranus where we take the old and build the new on it- producing something new and beautiful that honors the past.

Finding Meaning in Life video:


  1. Rudhyar, D. An Astrological Mandala: The Cycle of Transformations and its 360 Symbolic Phases. Vintage Books Edition, 1974. Toronto: Canada.