April 2020 Astrology

Both the Full & New Moons along with the Venus retrograde shadow starting put a big emphasis on Venus this month of April 2020. This means our money, love & values will be contemplated. In love: Ask yourself, is this person treating me like a priority…or an option (paraphrasing from quote by Maya Angelou).

Full Moon in Libra is on 7th April at 7:35 pm PDT at 18 Libra 43- seek a balance between your needs & others. The Moon quincunx Neptune asks us not to be a martyr but to balance between giving and taking. Libra asks us to be fair & balanced. Mars square Uranus suggests restraint, it is also an accident prone transit, take care with releasing energy (especially anger and frustration). Saturn now in Aquarius till July heralds a time when beneficial structures will be created to help all of humanity. Our youth & those truly enlightened influence this trend greatly. The Sun squares Pluto (and Jupiter) on 14th April says challenges making transformation- perhaps our government will need to make the decision to have the military involved with combating the COVID-19 virus. Venus trine Mars says there may be new unusual information about our money and that unusual relationships & bedfellows may arise- collectively & individually.

The New Moon in Taurus is on 22nd Apr @ 7:27 PM PDT 3 Taurus 24 & conjuncts Uranus by 3 degrees. This could be a brand new, unexpected beginning for Taurus born folks on 22/23/24 April birthdays -this opposes Scorpio folks born 25/26/27 November where partners may have something unexpected come up that provides big change. Venus squares Neptune at the end of April – “being sold a false bill of sale or goods” take care with any purchases and signing of contracts where money is involved. Seek expert advice if you are unsure. Great love, twin flames & soulmates might be circling around…wonderful if that turns out to be the truth…but a fairytale may also be emerging instead. With the Venus in Gemini retrograde starting in May through the summer…collecting factual information- remember actions speak loudly- pay attention to that. Do enjoy the very romantic energy though.

In the night sky high up in the West- Venus shines super brightly reminding us that there is a higher love (Steve Winwood)- just reach it, invite it in. Please take care everyone.

Venus Retrograde in Gemini video link: