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The month has the first half of August filled with having fun, being creative and budding romances! The 2nd half of the month focuses on the details and discrimination but smoldering emotions and practical romance or friendships!

The New Moon in Leo at the end of July still exerts its wonderful, joyful, happy, playful energy and promotes a highly creative time with romance popping up everywhere.  Mercury at 23 degrees 59’ Cancer now stations direct on 2nd of August- Let’s have a party! Uranus goes retrograde on 11th of August till 11th of January 2020 when the big Saturn Pluto (and Mercury) have a meet up. We’ll be internalizing that change up energy to release it later in January 2020. Jupiter goes direct on this day improving stuck situations, now they flow more freely and lucky chances abound, especially for Sagittarius as Jupiter rules your sign. We have our Full Moon at 22 degrees 4 minutes of Aquarius. Venus in Leo opposes the Moon but conjuncts the Sun; whew! I call this: Lion Tamer!!! Take care with being preoccupied with the ‘packaging’ your love interest has…don’t forget it’s important to look inside too. Mars in Leo confers great courage, or you could be too hot to handle- watch out for lots of posturing in the collective! A beautiful New Moon in Virgo 6 degrees 47 minutes trines Uranus retrograde- emotional surprises or events that may easily release you from habits or situations you were stuck in. Venus conjunct Mars in Virgo promotes discrimination in love and practical romance. Creating things like beautiful sculptures is a great activity at this New Moon in Virgo. In the night sky on 9th of August in SE sky Jupiter will be close to the moon after sunset. On 22nd of August in West sky after sunset Jupiter will be shining brightly with Saturn just below it- conjuncting Saturn will be Pluto (you may need binoculars). 13th of August peak of Perseid Showers in NE sky. 15th of August just after sunset in West sky Venus is at her brightest, Mars is just right above the horizon too.