10 May 2017
2:42 PM Pacific Time

Pluto rules Scorpio (Mars co-rules). Pluto is deep…with the Full Moon expect to dive deeply. Scorpio is always intense; still waters run deep. Careful swimming with those sharks folks! This Full Moon requires you to ‘feel what you feel’. Feelings are important. It is like the heart wants what the heart wants. I also think psychological manipulations may abound…but, also deep revelations of how you or a relationship ‘tick tocks’. Full Moons tend to reveal things and with Scorpio those are secrets or hidden things…maybe even things you hid from yourself. Well, they’re all coming up to be seen! How you deal with them is going to be individual. A great time for intense work with a therapist. Pluto (ruler of Scorpio) is going retrograde so, this emphasizes the going inside oneself and the big reveal. Remember this is an influence over approximately 2 weeks. Be kind to yourself and others for sure…but, please observe the neon signs posting around you. Capricorn’s ruler, Saturn- now also retrograde, is in Sagittarius which suggests changing the structures around us to help us transform…whatever needs transforming. Courage my friend.

Also, at this time, the Sun trines Pluto & the Moon sextiles Pluto; opportunities to get that secret, hidden stuff out…in a good way. One that helps you be you but, does it in a friendly way. Spring cleaning your life and freely getting rid of things you no longer need…all in order for you to get on your individualized path. Maybe start the process by cleaning out something in your home…a drawer, shelf, room, garage?

Mars, in ‘let’s talk about it’ Gemini, trines (favorable energy) Venus now moving forward in Aries suggesting new, innovative, positive ways of dealing with last month’s relationship fall outs and revelations. A good time to come up with a plan to transform relationships so, it works for you both individually. Aries Sun and Ascendant will be redefining relationships in a unique way that works for all parties.

Speaking of which: This Full Moon in Scorpio squares Mercury, Uranus and Eris (in ‘all about me’ Aries). So, there will be some heated discussions or even announcements stating: ‘I need to do this to express who I am’ and…at this time, it may be warranted. Just take care with the intensity you express this need…to be Me. The key is to be genuinely, honestly, expressing who we are (not what our mothers, fathers, priests, teachers etc. want us to be) so we can effectively contribute to the collective.

The North Nodes of the Moon (of collective destiny) change and now are in Leo – creativity; it’s good to be me, shining your light, heart centered energy; the good Queen or King, play time! Madonna is the quintessential Leo; it will be interesting to see how she transforms over the next year or so. The next 15 months or so should provide opportunities to creatively express yourself. This applies directly to Leo suns, Leo Ascendants and to some extent Leo moons…and to the same in the opposite sign of Aquarius. If you know your own chart, look to where Pluto resides and Scorpio, these will be working together to dig up and transform those areas. Mars favorably trining Saturn, Uranus and the new Leo North Nodes of the Moon at the end of the month says: New beginnings to get on your path of destiny. Embrace the new and know there are better, brighter days ahead.

Sabian Symbol for 21 degrees Scorpio

“Obeying his conscience, a soldier resists orders”

This emphasizes how the individual expressing his true inner self in his (her) actions doesn’t follow like ‘a sheep in a crowd’ but, instead does what is the right thing to do. Even though it is going against the structure and system he is presently in. Freedom of the individual.1 p. 204


  1. Rudhyar, D. An Astrological Mandala: The Cycle of Transformations and its 360 Symbolic Phases. Vintage Books Edition, 1974. Toronto: Canada.
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