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Happy New Year 2020! With Jupiter now joining the 2 heavyweights, Saturn & Pluto we can expect transformation of our structures amped up for the next year! Jupiter/Saturn & Pluto will form conjunctions throughout 2020 giving us lots of opportunities to make great, necessary changes in our lives. Specific birthdays affected this year at 22 degrees of Capricorn, are: 11-16 January for Capricorns & 12-18 July for Cancer folks. Jupiter wants to expand what it touches Saturn wants to constrict & Pluto wants to transform- all these energies will be operating at high power all of 2020.

The New Moon in Aquarius at 4 degrees on 24 Jan squares Uranus (ruler of Aquarius)- sudden unexpected events in our world, for others, “The cry of Rebellion”- collectively or personally. Saturn is co-ruler of Aquarius & where is Saturn? Conjunct transformational Pluto- whew! Remember this is a ‘process’ this year of transforming our structures- hard work will pay off. This could be a humanitarian crisis in the collective. With Venus square Saturn at this New Moon it says there will be challenges with money & relationships but, with Venus sextile to Jupiter there could be some good luck or ease with whatever the outcome. This could bring some welcome liberation with money & relationships, or both. We have a beautiful day to look forward to on 27 Jan when Venus in Pisces conjuncts Neptune in Pisces – love is all around us, music sounds wonderful & creative expression rules today. Please enjoy this day! (In the video I incorrectly said: Sun conjunct Jupiter too- not on this day- this was on 27 Dec 2019- apologies!!)

Time stamps for each of the Astro Ascendant in the location Saturn/Pluto will conjunct (22 degrees Capricorn):

Capricorn: 13:41 Aquarius: 16:26 Pisces: 17:59 Aries: 20:07 Taurus: 20:16 Gemini: 20:28 Cancer: 26:59 Leo: 28:39 Virgo: 30:33 Libra: 32:09 Scorpio: 33:40 Sagittarius: 35:15

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