New Moon Pisces

6 March 2019

8:04 a.m. PST

Neptune rules this New Moon as it is the planet associated with Pisces. The glyph is a trident and it depicts a chalice of the Moon superimposed on the cross of the soul (2). Together this speaks to ‘the soul of all things’. It is the higher octave of Venus. Neptune takes the love of Venus and takes it to a higher plane. This is a time of surrender and releasing as this all-encompassing spiritual energy says it is time. For those spiritually evolved you will ‘know’, and your intuition will be providing some amazing hits. For others this time could be confusing where we are tired and feeling down. Psychic impressions and abilities may blossom at this time. Chiron, the wounded healer, is now at zero degrees of Aries asking us each to find our own unique way of healing ourselves and others.

Neptune conjuncts this New Moon and Sun, both in Pisces. By transit Neptune can cast a haze of confusion on anything it touches- in this case it is the Sun and Moon; our inner essence and ego and our feelings. Neptune dissolves what it touches potentially removing reality and instituting a oneness with the universe. Neptune’s effect is done through subtle energy where things, people and places just disappear. The search for meaning in life will be felt by the individual and the collective. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs comes to mind. The highest need was one of transcendence. This is when we pause for thought of the deeper side of life communing with the universe, source, god. A very good time for a vacation or holiday by the sea! Let the higher dimension energy give you peace and bliss. On the negative side this could have folks dipping into drugs and delusion. Confusion and escapism could be on the cards for some especially with the Mercury retrograde in Pisces conjuncting the Moon and Sun in Pisces. Musicians or artists could be producing some extraordinary, inspired, creative pieces.

Religion and faith may be important topics of discussion during March. But, with the Mercury retrograde in Pisces all of March we must ask for the facts and not just ‘believe’ what we are being told.

Mercury stations retrograde at 29 degrees 38 minutes Pisces at this New Moon. A crescendo of feelings may bubble up over this Mercury retrograde in conjunction with the Full Moon in Pisces. Deception, confusion and a muddling of facts and information could dominate over this retrograde. For Pisces, you are most susceptible- please listen to your intuition and check, double check all facts! You could get some real intuitive hits and communications from source, the universe, god.

Mars in Taurus sextiles this Sun and Moon in Pisces and trines Saturn in Capricorn. Harnessing slow, but forward moving, energy to enable you to see how structures are changed by spiritual penetration.

At this New Moon Uranus is at 0 degrees 0 minutes Taurus. However, at 10:05 Uranus goes into one-minute Taurus. Let’s celebrate Uranus going into Taurus – I detail the effects for each of the individual 12 signs in my mid-March 2019 video!

Sabian Symbol for 16 degrees of Pisces

“In the quiet of his study a creative individual experience a flow of inspiration” (1) p 278-79

This illustrates creative energy can be tapped into from outside but, that ‘outside’ energy of intuition and inspiration also resides inside the person. Contemplation on his/her own allows this process to occur.


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