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November 2018

New Moon in 15 Scorpio 11

New Moon in Scorpio 7 November 2018 8:01 a.m. PST 15 Scorpio 11 Follow me on FB & Instagram @elpisastrology Visit my site at Elpis Astrology and subscribe to receive these videos, posts and upcoming [...]

October 2018

Full Moon in Taurus: 24th October 2018

Full Moon in Taurus 24 October 2018 1 Taurus 13 minutes 9:45 am PDT Please follow me on Facebook and Instagram @elpisastrology Full Moon in Taurus may shake us up and wake us up. A [...]

New Moon 15 Libra 48

Please follow me on FB and Instagram @elpisastrology New Moon Libra 8:47 pm PDT, 15 Libra 48 New Moon in Libra on 8th October @ 8:47 pm PDT is at 15 degrees Libra 48 minutes. Libra is ruled [...]

September 2018

2nd Half of September 2018 Full Moon in Aries

2nd Half of September 2018 including Full Moon in Aries and more on Venus retrograde (happening 5th October 2018) Both the Sun and Mercury are happily ensconced in Virgo now - going over details and [...]

New Moon in Virgo 9 Sept 2018

New Moon in Virgo 9 Sept 2018 The energy is always practical with a moon in Virgo. Just don’t spend too much time in your head. Lay out the steps on the path to your [...]

August 2018

Full Moon in Pisces 3 Pisces 12

Full Moon in Pisces 3 Pisces 12 Sunday 26 August 2018 4:57 a.m. PDT The Full Moon itself does not form any negative aspects with the universe but has a lovely sextile to Saturn retrograde and Uranus [...]